The Tennessee Off-Road Challenge
Monteagle, TN - June 23-25, 2000

Meeting & Air Filter Contest

Friday morning began with everyone lining up at the Smoke House for the drivers' meeting. Everyone was brought up to speed on the rules and how the events would take place, by Dave Cagle and Sam Lewis of Tennessee Off-Road. Also on hand to help out and give some added guidance and experience, was Bob Hazel from Sports-in-the-Rough. Bob has plenty of experience from the Safari Triathlons, so he was a great person to have on-hand. Each driver was given rule and nav books, maps if needed, and decals from all of the sponsors. The fun part came when the competitors were given one last thing they had to do before embarking on their first run... "Bring me your air filter!"

Many drivers' meetings can be dull afairs, however, at this one, everyone paid close attention to the details and rules.
Bring me your air filter! Each driver scrambled to take out their air filter and show it before leaving.

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