The Tennessee Off-Road Challenge
Monteagle, TN - June 23-25, 2000

Navigation Event

This was the second navigation event and was run similar to the first. Some of the spots were easy but if you wanted the big points you had to head down the Stage Coach trail. Well-known as one of Monteagle's toughest trails, not all drivers ventured in or all the way.

The Bronco team got pretty far but decided to turn back once they saw Brenda's Hill.

The Suzuki team did the same. However, on the way back up they busted their rear drive shaft.


Team 19 came down Brenda's Hill but before hitting the last section, they stopped. The nav. point in this area was very well hidden. We weren't sure where it was, either, but after they went on down the hill, we found it right around the corner! oops!

Team 19 were the "pros" of the competition. With ralley computers, laptops, and just about every other goody you can imagine, it was amazing they actually couldn't find the one nav. point!



This was the last we saw of Team 19 that day. They got deep into the trail and overheated. After hours of waiting, we all got nervous and went on a rescue mission. Thanks to PRS radios, CB's, cell phones, and GPS's, we found them safe and sound and got them back to town.

On the way back up, we found the Bronco team stopped to help out the Suzuki. We let the Bronco guys go on so they could continue competing and we towed the Suzuki back up to town.



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