The Tennessee Off-Road Challenge
Monteagle, TN - June 23-25, 2000

Speed Run

This one's simple. Start here...End there. Whomever gets the best time wins! This event, along with several others took place in a wide-open, private area, owned by a local company. The area was mostly flat but with rutted out areas or sandy areas. Plenty of spots for fun were here and it made a great place to have the speed run and obstacle courses.

Things got started with a demo run by this incredible Kaiser, which sported a 'Vette motor.

Rob Matzell wanted good photos, so he launched his 4-Runner big-time. Of course, great photos come at a price. In Rob's case, it was a majorly bent front axle housing, which cost him big points in the obstacle course later.


An excellent water hole was right in the middle of the course.

The hole was not only great for slowing down the drivers, but made for great photos!


After losing their Dodge in the woods, Team 1 swapped trucks and drivers. Kyle Updegrove of Kennesaw Mountain Accessories drove his Pathfinder the rest of the weekend.

JB Conrad puts his foot down on this rockin' CJ-7




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