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TRUXPO Truck Tour
Talladega Superspeedway

The weekend of June 3 & 4 attracted hundreds of truck enthusiasts to Alabama's Talladega Superspeedway for the TRUXPO Truck Tour. The event was open to all trucks, SUVs and Mini Trucks and was sponsored by Herculiner, Ford, Hot Wheels, and Weld Wheels, as well as Truckin', 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utlity Magazine, Classic Trucks, Mini Truckin', Off-Road, and Sport Utility Vehicle magazines.

Events show 'n' shines, manufacturers midway, pro monster truck racing, off-road competition (stadium trucks), and burn out, stereo and hydraulic contests for the low-riders. One of the highlights was the chance to drive around the 2.66 mile speedway and experience the feeling of a 33 degree bank.

Only a unique event like this could draw such a wide range of vehicles and lifestyles. There were no set parking spots for any group. In fact, our Project TJ sat next to a low-rider Chevy truck and a low-rider Chevy Tahoe.

We decided to go for the weekend and enter our Project TJ, more or less, just to go hang out and check out the other trucks and the midway. I gave it a quick sponge bath at 5am before leaving, but left all the dirt inside and underneath. We got to the speedway and parked the Jeep. We laughed as every other participant polished and repolished their trucks. Meanwhile, our rusting, dented, banged-up Jeep sat in the burning sun on the track's back-stretch.

TRUXPO AwardsWe had a good time baking on Saturday, but Sunday brought heavy rains and we debated going back or not. We figured we would so we headed back to Talladega.

Awards were given for many different classes and specific categories. Much to our surprise, though, we actually took home two awards ourselves! Good thing we went!

Editor's Choice Award: 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine

Runner Up: Wild Category


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