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TX4x4 Fall Run

By Kevin Curry

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Back on September 28-30, 2001, the Tx4x4 CyberClub Arlington, Sulphur Springs, and Longview Chapters hosted the Tx4x4 Fall Run at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area near Gilmer, Texas. I had learned of the event and knowing the good the various Tx4x4 chapters do for the sport of four-wheeling and for their communities, I was excited about opportunity to cover the event for ROCKCRAWLER.com.

Saturday morning rolled around, and as Murphy's Law would have it, we did not get the early start on the road like I had anticipated. It was 7:30am by the time we got on the road, and the trip was fairly uneventful.

We met up with Jim Brown at a truck stop and made the mistake of eating breakfast there. It was truly awful. Anyway, after making the trip to the bathrooms, we were on the road again.

By the time we rolled onto the BMRA property (aka. Red Planet), checked in with Clyde and unloaded the rigs, it was about 10:00a.m. We didn't see anyone around at first except for a bunch of motorcycles and ATVs. We decided to go ahead and go searching for some groups.

No sooner did we round the corner, when we ran into Dick and Ingrid Hollinger and their group gathered at the top of the trail they had just completed. We did the typical howdys and hellos and then did the final leg of Linda Gail. The end of that trail used to be a little hairy where there is a washout. Most did the go-around, but there were several who decided the washout would be a good challenge.

Tony, in his Maroon, locked CJ-7 went first. He made several attempts and was about to give up when we discovered the area he kept hanging his differential up on was hard-packed dirt. Tony finally smoothed off that protrusion and was able to make it up and over. Several followed and were able to make it up with no problems. He ended up making what was originally about a 3-rated obstacle into about a 1 1/2 or 2.

I hooked up with Dave Kinsel's group next and the next trail we hit was Twister. Now Twister is not a very difficult trail but as the name implies, it can really get your suspension in a bind with its very deep ruts and gullies. If you don't disconnect your sway bars you stand the chance of tweaking them into distortion. I was able to get several good twisty shots.

Dave then led us to L&B Turnpike for some more hill-climbing fun. Now, L&B is not a very tough trail, either but there is a pit at the bottom of the ravine which just about swallowed a YJ whole. I'm sure it didn't help that the fella was running stock-sized almost-worn-slick tires and open differential. This guy buried his front end into the mud in the creek. The only way out was backwards and with someone else's winch. The winching took a while since the ascent was a steep one and everyone behind this poor sap had to back out of the way. The creek was deemed impassable after that and we decided to go back the way we came. I don't think the YJ would have been the only one to get stuck.

By this time it was nearing evening and there was a raffle to attend. Having all of those who attended the Fall Run in one place really showed the spectacular attendance for the event.

TX4x4 Fall Run

TX4x4 Fall Run
The Sulpher Springs Chapter

TX4x4 Fall Run
The Arlington Chapter

TX4x4 Fall Run
Along with the Longview Chapter and enough TX4x4 members from other chapters, the Fall Run was a great success.



TX4x4 Cyber Club


Kevin Curry

Kevin Curry is an avid four wheeler and has owned numerous 4x4 toys, including a Scout, Hummer, CJ's, and currently, a TJ. Kevin resides near Dallas, TX.

Contact Kevin at texas4x4@rockcrawler.com

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