Wheelin' Down Under

Story and Photos by: Andy Sissons
E-Mail: rsissons@magna.com.au
Triple Diamond Four Wheel Drive Club of NSW (Inc)Our gang:

Klaus & Maree
(Trip Leader)
Pajero SWB 2.6L
David, Brian & Ding Toyota Hilux 2.8D
Paul I & Kathy Landcruiser LWB
Paul M and Keith Toyota Hilux 2.8D
Craig, Les and Andy Pajero LWB 2.6L

David was next to attempt the crossing but before he left a steel cable was attached to the rear of his car so that snatch straps could be fastened to it and pulled back through the river for the next vehicle. As it transpired David didn't need the straps either.

The next vehicle to cross was Klaus and he definitely did require the use of the snatch straps. He was almost across when he got stuck and even reducing the number of snatch straps to one David still couldn't get him out. By this time Klaus had been in the river for several minutes and his car had been sinking slowly all the time. It didn’t look that deep but we didn’t allow for the soft sand.

Quote: "Get a second car, please" - Klaus getting fed up in the river with all their camping gear getting wetter and wetter.

Paul I's car was attached to the front of David's with another snatch strap and thankfully Klaus was soon out of the river not without several attempts though - great relief all round. Unfortunately, a lot of Klaus and Maree's clothes and camping equipment had been soaked and the water just poured out of his car. I was pleased to see that this little set back did nothing to dampen their spirits or enthusiasm during the whole trip. Craig was next through and he managed to drive across with no problems, again, the snatch straps not being required.

The next tricky part of the track was "Bushed Corner" – so called because the editor of Bushdriver Magazine managed to roll his Jeep Renegade here. Everyone drove through with very few problems and we were soon on our way to the"Big Step" only a few hundred yards away.

Toyota Hilux on Bushed Corner

Klaus got up the "Big Step" with aid of a sling shot and every other car was, in turn, pulled up using a steel cable for a tow in preference to snatching.

The Big Step



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