Warn Industries Synthetic Winch Rope Line Expands

WARN Spydura Pro and WARN Spydura Rope Extensions Built for all WARN Winches

93120-Sypdura-Pro-Rope-300x200Clackamas, OR (11/4/14) – Warn Industries quite literally extends their popular Spydura™ Synthetic Rope line with a series of Spydura synthetic rope extensions. These lightweight, easy to use extensions are a durable choice to extend standard WARN® winch ropes in difficult situations. This new tool in the WARN self-rescue arsenal allows winch users to reach anchor points beyond their standard winch rope length. Strong and supple, with a loop on both ends, the Spydura synthetic rope extensions are ideal for connecting winch hooks with D-shackles and anchor points.

WARN Spydura Rope Extensions are available in 3/8” (95 mm) diameter rope in 25 or 50-foot lengths (7.6 or 15.2m), and are designed for winches with 10,000 lb. (4535 kg) pull rating or less. Reinforced soft eyes make rigging easy, and also help reduce rope weight. Constructed of unique ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material, WARN Spydura Rope Extensions use a ballistic nylon sliding sleeve to provide extra protection against wear and abrasion.


For stronger winches with 12,000 lb. (5443 kg) pull rating or more, Warn Industries also offers their new WARN Spydura Pro Synthetic Rope Extension. It features heat-treated 12-strand construction for maximum tensile strength, a ballistic nylon sliding sleeve for protection against abrasion, and a high temperature resistant sleeve on the first rope layer for protection against heat. Spydura Pro Rope Extensions are available in 25 or 50-foot lengths (7.6 or 15.2m). Choose 3/8” diameter (9.5mm) rope for winches with 12,000 lb. (5443 kg) pull rating or less; or 7/16” diameter (11mm) rope for winches with 18,000 lb. (8165 kg) pull rating or less.

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About Warn Industries

Warn Industries is the world’s most recognized brand in off-road products such as hub locks and vehicle recovery winches. The company designs, manufactures and markets a full line of off-road equipment and accessories that enhance the performance of four-wheel-drive and powersport vehicles. Warn Industries has employees in and around Portland, Ore., Livonia, Mich., and the Netherlands.

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