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    Date: 01/27/2011
    Dear BRC Alert Subscriber,
    The BlueRibbon Coalition believes it is important for our members to encourage their Member of the House to join Congressmen Lungren, McCarthy, and McClintock in cosponsoring Congressman Wally Herger's TMR legislation (H.R. 242)
    HR 242 as placed in the Congressional Record on Jan. 26.
    As many of you know, in California and elsewhere the Forest Service (FS) has closed thousands of miles of historic roads and trails to motorized uses. Often these routes have FS markers and have been maintained by the agency using appropriated funds or special state funds such as the California OHV Program.
    BRC Jan. 7 News Release on Proposal
    Although currently it is California specific, there may be FS units in your state where they closed routes in an unwarranted manner and could use a similar legislative fix.
    The H.R. 242 contact at Congressman Herger's Office is Tyler Hamman.
    His email is -

    Thanks for taking the time to review and take action on this alert.
    Don Amador
    Western Representative
    BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc.

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