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    whats up i dont know what im doin but i know i want to build badass toys i dont have the tools to start yet but i just got my first project engine its a 87 5.7l 350 oout of a 87 gmc sierra 3500 iv got the auto tranny and the 1 ton rear axle also i dont know a whole lot about the motor and nothing about the tranny so hopefully i can learn alot here my goal is to start out building a buggy but first i need to get this motor running as far as i know it runs but its been sitting for a while maybe a year not for sure im not sure what tranny it is ive been told by a wierd old tweeker its a turbo 400 that sound pretty sweet to me i dunno its an auto im ok with that im not much of a manual guy so any help with that would be great and ive got the 1 ton rear axle from the 3500 its 8 lug i want to get a front axle to match its width if anyone has any suggestions theyd be appritiated i also dont want any fancy computers messin with me so can i run the motor with just power to the starter and distributer ,gas and air or is it more complicated then that like i said this is my fist project first carburator thats not on a lawn mower so any input info or anything would really help me out and wen i get started on the accual buggy itself ill keep everyone updated on its progress thanks joe
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    step one: punctuation
    step two: paragraphs


    I'm retiring a 5.7/350 right now...had 280k on it when installed, and has been run hard and put away wet. Good, simple motor. TBI is easy to wire up.

    TH400 is a hog of a tranny...IMO, a TH350 or 700R would serve you better...the 400 just soaks up a lotta hp for what it is.
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    right on thanks
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