For Sale: Looking to sell a damaged 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport (Denver, CO)

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    I am looking to sell a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport vehicle that was damaged in a front end collision (air bag deployment, etc.). It would cost me more to get it fixed than the vehicle is worth. Other than the front end damage, the vehicle is complete and fully functioning. The vehicle is currently in outside storage in Denver, CO. Please contact me at should you have any interest.

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    I am hoping to sell the Jeep mentioned in my classified ad above in November (I am planning to move from Denver to Philadelphia area at that time and don't want any strings left behind). If not sold by then, I will sell it to a local salvage facility, so if you are interested in this vehicle, you will need to act fast. I will consider any serious inquiries. I have a clean title. Before the accident, this jeep was running perfectly. It has 137,000 original miles on it. If emailed, I will send you all the specs on the vehicle.
    My email is: If you email me, I will return your email and provide you with my phone # if interested. Hope to hear from you. Have a nice day.

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