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Discussion in 'Guest Book' started by VTFJ, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. VTFJ

    VTFJ New Member

    Jumping back into the game of wheeling/rock crawling after an almost three year dry spell.
    In one word, read 'divorce' and most everybody gets the picture but hey...things are back on track and I've got a new ride to build on!

    Coming off a 1st gen K5 w/tons, triple sticks, fuel cell, injected 383 on 42's...blah/blah/blah etc.

    Found & purchased a '75 FJ40 that's had some work done already, some decent work but as usual some that needs attention too.

    It's got the original I-6 that does run pretty decent and has a header & Weber carb upgrades.
    It's running on 35's, has a winch/spare & fuel carrier and it even included a high lift - lol
    One cool thing they did was swap in an SM420 with crawler 1st and 2nd gears in the tranny making slow crawl a breeze.
    Both axles are locked also, front has a Genuine Gear and the rear a full case Detroit :)

    Road manners suck, it's top speed is about 50mph (if you dare go that fast) but I expect the Detroit is giving me some of the 'crabbing feeling' as I shift.

    Time to start picking away at it, my goal is to run 37's as a final set up with both good road manners 'and' enough power to make highway travel easy & safe.
    Not sure yet if a V8 swap is the way to go, still researching that.

    Anyway, glad I found this site, looks pretty wicked!

    Couple pics of the new ride:




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  2. woody

    woody eternal noobie Staff Member Media Partner

    sweet new ride, always a big fan of the FJ40 :)

    First step for 37's will be an SOA...should keep you busy for a few weeks ;)

    Welcome to RC, drag a few friends along for the ride!
  3. VTFJ

    VTFJ New Member

    SOA, drivelines, brakelines, shocks, rear disc's...yippee!
  4. woody

    woody eternal noobie Staff Member Media Partner

    don't forget the dreaded cut and turn :) Nitro/s/Longfields, Aisin lockouts, 6-shooters, etc...

    Been there, done it right the first old 40 on 39's handled great at 70mph and tackled most trails with ease.

    Falken Tire has a new 37" MT being debuted at for an article on it...might be one to consider!
  5. lgrt

    lgrt New Member

    nice 40... looks like a great project.
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