Unlimited competition buggy

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  1. dennisuello

    dennisuello New Member

    TonyK Unlimited single seat chassis
    Mid-engine 2.2 Ecotec
    A-904 tranny
    5:1 Atlas
    9" axles with Detroits and 6.50 gears
    Line lock on the front brakes
    Cutting brakes on the rear brakes
    (5) 39" red label Krawlers on 17x8 Method beadlocks
    Rear suck-down winch (Summit 3000lbs)
    Front WARN 9.0Rc winch
    Griffin radiator

    Very capable. Fairly competitive in both CalROCS and WERock (passed tech for both)

    I am currently going through everything, including re-building the transmission as it blew a seal at the input shaft at the WERock Nationals. It will be running and ready for the next comp season.

    $16000 is my bottom line


  2. cobb

    cobb New Member

    give me a call I want to buy your crawler. if you don't live to far away. 360-708-9133 my name is steve
  3. cobb

    cobb New Member

    is your crawler still for sale ???
  4. cobb

    cobb New Member

    hi dennis could you at lease let me now if you are still saleing your crawler or not ?? if it is still for sale I would like to buy it ?? it looks like a nice crawler.

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