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BU, RPR, D2R Save JV CheckFebruary 5, 2013, Johnson Valley, CA – The iconic King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, CA took on new meaning and added opportunity for education and fundraising this year as racers work to keep the area open to public recreation.  The Marine Corps has been trying to annex the land for their use since 2007 under the auspice of training space and increased national security.  Off-roaders including the race teams involved in King of the Hammers are fighting this move and working tirelessly to keep the 146,000 acres there open to public use.  On February 5th DSquared Racing 4441, Big Ugly Racing 4435 and Race Prep Racing 4474 banded together during this year’s race week with a unique and fun idea – let’s sell cups and throw a party and give the money to the cause. Daren Henke of DSquared Racing said, “An event mid week when we are all working so hard to be ready to race just seemed perfect.” Read More→

Big Ugly Crashes at 96MPH in The Mint 400

Monday, March 26th, 2012

March 25, 2011–Las Vegas, NV:  At race mile 11.5 of The Mint 400 Kevin Sacalas of Big Ugly Racing experienced a rollover at 96 miles per hour (MPH). While this was Sacalas’ first time racing The Mint 400, he is no stranger to desert racing. Sacalas placed first in the Ultra4 class in the 1000 mile 2009 Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno race and second in the 2010 Best in the Desert Silver State 300.

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May 4, 2011 – Riverside, CA:  Best in the Desert Silver State 300 wasn’t the race that Kevin Sacalas of Big Ugly Racing was hoping for, but it did prove beyond a doubt, that his new car is fast; very fast.  By the first check point, Sacalas had a 45 second lead on the next Ultra4 car being driven by 2011 King of the Hammers winner, Shannon Campbell, and a 34 second lead on Campbell’s Class 1 car driven by Shannon’s brother, Nick Campbell.

April 2, 2011 – Glen Helen, CA: Kevin Sacalas took 1st place last weekend at the Lucas Oil Regional Short Course race held at Glen Helen Raceway.  Sacalas dominated the morning practice and qualifying heats before claiming the podium in the final race of the day. Throughout the morning runs there was a 3 way battle between 2010’s King of the Hammers, Loren Healy, HammerKing’s Dave Cole and Big Ugly’s, Kevin Sacalas.  It all came down to the final race of the day. For the first few laps, Healy held the lead with Kevin a few car lengths back and Dave Cole in the mix. At about the 4th Lap, Sacalas gained on Healy and the two drove nose to tail for almost a full lap before Sacalas took the inside line on a turn as they crested a tabletop side by side and Kevin and Loren aired out their cars. As the cars came back to earth, Sacalas’ front passenger tire landed on Healy’s front driver tire. Sacalas was able to continue into the turn and Healy momentarily struggled to regain control of his car. Sacalas never looked back. He held his lead for the next 10 laps to take home the checkered flag. Read More→

After experiencing a devastating transmission failure only hours before the start of King Of the Hammers 2011, Kevin Sacalas of Big Ugly Racing asked In the Pink Racing if they’d like to join forces to race in the main event.  In the Pink missed qualifying in the Last Chance Qualifier by only a couple spots.  When Sacalas discovered the transmission was irreparable, he decided to make the best of a bad situation. He had a spot in the race and no car, and In the Pink had a car but no spot. So they decided to join forces. Both teams spent months preparing for this event and combining their efforts just made sense.  “Both of our teams have a lot of heart, and I remember when I missed qualifying in my TJ by a couple of spots. We both had crews fully prepped and ready to go. Joining our teams and being able to work with a group that loves this sport as much as I do is a win for all of us.” Read More→

Big Ugly 2.0 has Successful Debut at The Hammers

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Kevin Sacalas of Big Ugly Racing unveiled his new Ultra4 Race Car, “Big Ugly 2.0” out at the Hammers this weekend in preparation for the 2011 King of the Hammers race being held February 11th.  This is the 2nd Ultra4 car designed and fabricated entirely by Sacalas. His first Ultra4 car which fans affectionately named “Big Ugly” had several impressive podium finishes including 1st place in the 2009 BiTD Vegas to Reno, 2nd place in Silver State 300 and a 3rd place finish in the King of the Hammers Grand Slam of Offroad Racing series. Read More→

Ever wonder what it would be like to ride in a King of the Hammers buggy? Two lucky winners will have a chance to find out on February 9th!  Tony Pellegrino of GenRight Offroad and Kevin Sacalas of Big Ugly Racing have partnered for the 2011 Ultra4 season as Team GenRight and are hosting a Team GenRight Meet and Greet in HammerTown from 2-4PM on Wednesday, February 9th at their tent on GenRight St. directly across from the vendor area in Hammertown. Read More→

Can you believe we’re only a month away from King of the Hammers 2011?  As previously announced, Kevin Sacalas of Big Ugly Racing and Tony Pellegrino of GenRight Offroad have combined forces for the 2011 Ultra4 season as Team GenRight. The two racers recently spent some time out in Johnson Valley preparing for KOH and created a video to answer questions for new King of the Hammers fans about the race, Johnson Valley and Ultra4 Racing. Please check out this video and feel free to share with others!