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Team GenRight is offering Two Chances to Win a Ride in a King of the Hammers Ultra4 Car!

Ever wonder what it would be like to ride in a King of the Hammers buggy? Two lucky winners will have a chance to find out on February 9th!  Tony Pellegrino of GenRight Offroad and Kevin Sacalas of Big Ugly Racing have partnered for the 2011 Ultra4 season as Team GenRight and are hosting a Team GenRight Meet and Greet in HammerTown from 2-4PM on Wednesday, February 9th at their tent on GenRight St. directly across from the vendor area in Hammertown.

The Team GenRight Meet and Greet will be an opportunity for King of the Hammers fans to meet Kevin and Tony, see their cars, and sign up for a chance to win a ride in either Kevin Sacalas’ new Big Ugly 2.0 or Tony Pellegrino’s 4485 GenRight car! There will be fun giveaways and team members will be on hand to answer fan’s questions about the cars and the race.

“The week before the race is a busy time for the drivers and their teams as the course isn’t released until that week, which means a lot of strategizing and pre-running happens on the lake bed.” said Pellegrino, “It was important to us that we set aside time for those that wanted to come out to see the cars and say hello.” Sacalas then added, “People travel from all over for this race, we thought what better way to say ‘thanks for coming out’ than to give them a chance to ride in one of our cars!”

Fans will enter their names into a drawing and at the end of the event two names will be drawn. People must be present to win as the ride will happen immediately following the Meet and Greet! For additional information and updates on the teams and, become a fan on facebook at Big Ugly Racing and GenRight Offroad.

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