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Masontown, WV-June 16,2013- Bigelow Motorsports, known as a mainstay in Ultra 4 racing and Rockcrawling for the last decade has expanded into UTV and SXS racing this past weekend in the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) UTV racing series. Troy (Chris) Bigelow, brother to Doug Bigelow, piloted his 2013 Polaris 800 S to a top 5 in class finish at the rough and tumble Masontown, WV race track. Brother Doug acted as the co-driver and navigator. Their overall effort against all classes netted them a respectable 22nd out of 47th place against the best UTV drivers in the country throughtout 6 different classes including the pro class of 23 drivers. Both brothers were elated with their finish for the first time out but are eager to get back out on the track to prove they have learned from this experience. “We came to Masontown with a goal of going out to see if we could run with the top guys in the country and bring the last decade of racing experience from Bigelow Motorsports to an unkown type of racing challenge that racing UTV’s presents” said Troy Bigelow. “We built this vehicle in three days, and it virtually has no miles on it at all. We raced a little conservatively for our first time out not exactly knowing what we we getting into, but are really excited about our possibilities in this sport and racing in the GNCC series for the rest of this year and in 2013,” noted Doug Bigelow. Read More→

Emmitsburg, MD – April 16 2012 – Doug Bigelow, the owner and driver of the #4413 Yukon Gear and Axle/Bigelow Motorsports Ultra 4 race vehicle, won the opening round of three, at the Rausch Creek Offroad Endurance race this past weekend. Battling a tough group of 25 seasoned Ultra 4 racers from the East Coast, Bigelow consistently put down lap times in the top 3 racers to take home the win. “This was a tough race to persevere through, at the end of lap one the race buggy started overheating bad and we lost the lower radiator fan. I thought for sure it was done at that point when I had a couple of racers pass us. The motor kept going into limp mode and out and fortunately we kept running it as hard as it would take it. I’ll say this; the little Chevy 5.3 will take a beating. It’s been overcooked, frozen and run upside down and somehow it is still going”, noted Bigelow of the race. Read More→

Emmitsburg, MD – May 27, 2011 – Bigelow Motorsports owner and driver Doug Bigelow qualified for the 2012 King of the Hammers race at the annual Rausch Creek King of the Hammers Qualifier with a 7th place finish on May 21st. Driving his Yukon Gear and Axle sponsored Ultra 4 racer he battled not only some of the greatest drivers in rock sports, including Shannon Campbell the 2011 King of the Hammers champion, but the nasty East Coast elements that dropped 6 inches of rain on the event the night before. “We knew the race was going to battle of attrition and the finishing rate showed it. Anytime you get less than half of the field finishing an event its tough. This race was 75 miles of tough East Coast rocks and woods that was made even harder with all of the rain and mud. Rausch Creek and HammerKing have put on another great event and we are very excited to be going back to the big King of the Hammers race for the 5th consecutive year!” noted Doug Bigelow. Read More→

May 16, 2011- Emmitsburg, MD- Bigelow Motorsports owner and driver, Doug Bigelow announced today that the team has partnered with Yukon Gear & Axle for the King of the Hammers Rausch Creek Qualifier (RCQ) in Pennsylvania for the May 21st race . Yukon Gear & Axle has been a supporter of Bigelow Motorsports for 5 years and both entities are looking to take the relationship to the next level. “Yukon Gear & Axle has been a major player in all functions of motorsports throughout the years. We trust every single vehicle in the Bigelow Motorsports fleet to the harcore parts that Yukon produces. Every single race including the King of the Hammers race that we have raced in since 2008 has been on Yukon Axles, U Joints and Center Sections and anyone that has seen us race knows we race for the win. We are very excited about partnering with Yukon for the RCQ and we are looking forward to putting the Yukon Gear & Axle moonbuggy in the winner circle and qualifying for the big race in 2012,” noted Bigelow. Bigelow Motorsports will have live updates of the race via Facebook and will have in their pit area all of the latest Yukon Gear & Axle information and products. Read More→

Emmitsburg, MD December 30, 2010- Bigelow Motorsports driver and owner Doug Bigelow announced today it would have the full support of Bulldog Winch as the title sponsor for the  teams race effort in Johnson Valley, CA for the February 2011 King of the Hammers race. “I am very excited to have Bulldog Winch and Bob and Christine Horn back as the title sponsor for our 2011 King of the Hammers race effort. The last time Bigelow Motorsports and Bulldog Winch got together for a title sponsorship opportunity we did great things together,” announced driver Doug Bigelow. “Our team and Bulldog Winch have had the opportunity to work together for going on 4 years now. From pit logistics, product testing to last minute details to cooking for the team at the big race, Bulldog Winch and more importantly Bob Horn, has come through for our team when we needed it. I’m looking for a very successful 2011 King of the Hammers race and with Bulldog Winch in our corner once again and signed on as the title sponsor I do not see why we cannot make that happen,” Bigelow also noted. Read More→

Emmitsburg, MD-May 18 2010- Doug Bigelow, the owner and driver of the #4413 Bigelow Motorsports Ultra 4 race buggy, qualified for the 2011 King of the Hammers Ultimate Desert Race in Johnson Valley, CA with a 3rd place podium finish at the May 7th Rausch Creek Qualifier. “It is a great feeling knowing that we are qualified for the race this early in the year. It would have been great to qualify in the big race in February but mechanical issues took us out and getting a chance to redeem our team with a podium finish at the RCQ race was paramount for us. Knowing we have the better part of 9 months to test and tune and finalize sponsor commitments for 2011 is an added bonus as well”, noted Bigelow. “All of my teammates have worked hard to go back to Johnson Valley since we came back from the big race in February. Our number one goal was getting the vehicle back in shape and rallying the team around getting prepared for the qualifiers this year so that we could have the opportunity to make it back to the big show. Without them there is no way I could have done it. The King of the Hammers race showed this year that it is a race for the ages and it will attract the best drivers in the country from all types and disciplines. Its a great feeling for our sponsors and our team to be qualified into the race this early in the year”, Bigelow also said. Read More→