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Roger Norman Never Gives up at Baja 1000

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

RENO, NV     NOVEMBER 30, 2011  –  Roger Norman #8 Wide Open Excursions, Crystal Bay Casino Trophy Truck has always finished the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, and the 2011 race was no different.  After fighting multiple setbacks, where many would have called the race, Norman persevered to get to the finish line.  “I have never not finished a Baja 1000,” said Roger Norman. “This one had a lot of challenges though, if we wouldn’t have had all of these issues, I know we would have been on the podium!” Read More→

2010 Baja 500 Motorcycle Incident Tim Nugent Has Full Recovery and will Co-Drive

RENO, NV     JUNE 1, 2011  –  The Norman Motorsports team consisting of Roger Norman, Lance Clifford and Tim Nugent went to Baja last week to begin pre-running for the upcoming 2011 SCORE Baja 500 that will take place this Saturday.  “We have been pre-running everyday, morning until night,” said Roger Norman.  “Pre-running is very important, it is where we get to see everything and discover all the little things that we might have trouble with during the race.” Read More→

Roger Norman Podiums at 2011 Mint 400

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

RENO, NV     MARCH 29, 2011  – Roger Norman was in the front pack for the entire 2011 SNORE Mint 400 finishing 3rd in the Trophy Truck class, 5th overall. After a qualifying run that had everyone talking, the #8 Crystal Bay Casino trophy truck took the second starting position.  Norman maintained the second place position for the first lap, gained the lead in the second lap but then fell back to finishing third after an hour long on course repair.  “It was rocky and dusty and tires played a huge role in the race, our BFGoodrich tires really withstood the beating,” said Roger Norman. Read More→

Roger Norman Gunning for Mint 400 Repeat

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

RENO, NV     MARCH 22, 2011  – Roger Norman is gunning to repeat the success from last years Mint 400.  The Norman Motorsports #8 Crystal Bay Casino truck qualified and finished first last year putting Roger Norman on the podium with an amazing finish. “Winning overall coupled with taking the pole position in qualifying makes this an epic event for us,” said Norman after last years finish. Read More→

RENO, NV     AUGUST 22, 2010  –  Roger Norman started 26th and finished 2nd, third overall, in the Crystal Bay Casino #8 Trick Truck class with Armin Schwartz joining the team for the 2010 Best In The Desert Vegas to Reno race.  After a bad qualifying run put them into the 26th spot to start, they overcame about 11 minutes of downtime working on the truck and still climbed up into 2nd out of 48 Class 1400 Trick Trucks registered for Friday August 20, 2010 race.

“We had a great race and everything went really well overall!  I am glad that Armin was able to join us for his first experience in a trophy truck. It is tough because it is completely different to drive than a Class 1 car, but he did a great job!” said Norman. Read More→