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Roger Norman Puts in Quality Pre-Run Time for 2011 Baja 500

2010 Baja 500 Motorcycle Incident Tim Nugent Has Full Recovery and will Co-Drive

RENO, NV     JUNE 1, 2011  –  The Norman Motorsports team consisting of Roger Norman, Lance Clifford and Tim Nugent went to Baja last week to begin pre-running for the upcoming 2011 SCORE Baja 500 that will take place this Saturday.  “We have been pre-running everyday, morning until night,” said Roger Norman.  “Pre-running is very important, it is where we get to see everything and discover all the little things that we might have trouble with during the race.”

Lance Clifford has co-drove for Roger in the past including iron-manning the Baja 1000.  The third seat in pre-running this week is reserved for Tim Nugent, the motorcycle rider that was struck by Norman during the Baja 500, who has made a full recovery.  “Roger and Lance work really well together, and I see how the coordination is important.  I didn’t realize there was so much that goes into marking course because on a motorcycle we are just picking lines, not able to have two sets of eyes including one on the GPS,” commented Tim Nugent.  “It has been rewarding being in the middle seat, I can see both sides of what Roger and Lance are seeing.”  Nugent will co-drive for the last 140 or so miles of the race.

The Team has been up early every morning, pre-running from dawn to dusk, and sometimes even longer.  “We have been going to the gym every morning before going out in the truck.  The first day we did about 18 hours in the truck and we were all a little sore,” commented Norman.  They will finish pre-running on Thursday and then test the #8 Crystal Bay Trophy Truck for its 17th position start.  “We will be focusing on pre-running the start of the race on Friday, with being 17th off the line, we know we will be in a lot of dust and need to be careful not to have any problems.”

The team will be available during Contingency in Ensenada, Baja on Friday June 3rd at the Telnor booth from 12:30pm to 2pm signing posters next to the #8 Crystal Bay Casino Trophy Truck display.

No matter what the finishing time or place, it is a guarantee that you will see this team up on top of the Crystal Bay Casino #8 Trophy Truck celebrating Tim Nugent’s full recovery! “Tim Nugent is the only thing tougher than my BFGoodrich Tires in Baja!  He is the motorcycle rider hit at last years Baja 500, who over the last 11 months has successfully recovered from 23 broken bones,” said Roger Norman.

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June 2-5                                    SCORE                        Baja 500                                                Ensenada, Baja

June 10-12                        W.E. Rock            Western Rock Crawling Series            Miller Motorsports Park


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