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Husky Towing Products Announces New Hitch System

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Super quiet Center Line™ TS – weight distribution with integrated sway control

Husky Center Line TSMorgan Hill, CA, November 2014 – Husky Towing Products announced the most comprehensive product launch in Husky history with its innovative new Center Line TS weight distribution hitch system. The Center Line TS combines weight distribution and sway control in a strong, lightweight design that delivers outstanding performance with significantly less noise than competing hitches. The TS has enjoyed exceptional early response from both dealers and consumers. Read More→

husky-towing-products-logoOwners of conventional-style trailers can begin each trip with confidence knowing that their tow vehicle and trailer combination are properly set up with the help of an instructional video in the “Safe Towing” page at, the home of Husky Towing Products.
Husky is committed to helping trailer owners properly equip their vehicles for safe and comfortable towing. This begins with matching a Husky hitch to the tow vehicle and trailer and continues with properly setting up and adjusting the hitch for the vehicles as currently loaded. In the case of weight distribution hitches, this involves a sequence of steps that measure the effect of the load on tow vehicle and trailer.  Read More→
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