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Husky How-To Video – Detailed instructions on setting up a weight distribution hitch

husky-towing-products-logoOwners of conventional-style trailers can begin each trip with confidence knowing that their tow vehicle and trailer combination are properly set up with the help of an instructional video in the “Safe Towing” page at, the home of Husky Towing Products.
Husky is committed to helping trailer owners properly equip their vehicles for safe and comfortable towing. This begins with matching a Husky hitch to the tow vehicle and trailer and continues with properly setting up and adjusting the hitch for the vehicles as currently loaded. In the case of weight distribution hitches, this involves a sequence of steps that measure the effect of the load on tow vehicle and trailer. 
These steps are easily understood when watching the process demonstrated by Chris Moore, Head Engineer at Husky Towing Products. Using the Center Line Hitch as an example, Moore takes trailer owners through a step-by-step demonstration that begins with a technique for leveling the trailer, determining coupler height and recording the tow vehicle fender well elevations to monitor the effects of tongue weight on the hitch ball as distributed by the WD system.
In addition to knowing their setup is right, trailer owners also benefit from the video demonstration of a very helpful technique for easily getting the spring bars into the brackets when hooking up for a trip.
Dealers will find the video helpful as a resource to help their customers make adjustments to their hitch setup as they change the way their tow vehicle or trailer are loaded.
Husky Towing Products designs, manufactures and distributes a complete line of hitches, electrical products, and accessories for the towing industry. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative products and excellent technical and customer support. Husky products are distributed throughout North America. For more information on Husky Towing Products, please visit our all-new website at

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