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Maxtrac_07_14_chevy_2wd_7.5_liftMaxTrac Suspension offers an innovative line of leveling, lifting, and lowering suspension solutions for late-model trucks and SUVs. The company has always been a two-wheel drive specialist and has recently expanded the offering for late-model GM trucks with affordable new 4.5″ and 7.5″ Lift Kits for 2007-2014 Chevy and GMC 1500 two-wheel drive trucks. Read More→

MaxTrac Releases Dodge Ram 2WD 6-Inch Lift Kit

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

MaxTrac Announces New 6-Inch Lift Kit For 2003-2008 2WD Dodge Ram 2500/3500

MT_DodgeHD6inKAnaheim, Calif. — With the prices of 4×4 trucks skyrocketing over the past few years, the traditional truck owner has gone back to the basics by purchasing a 2WD truck to get the job done. But what he had to sacrifice is being able to personalize his truck by lifting it along with larger wheels and tires. Well, that’s not the case any more.

MaxTrac Suspension offers a lower-cost alternative for 2WD owners to achieve the same look as 4x4s without breaking the bank. The company’s newest lift system for 2003-2008 Dodge Ram 2WD HD trucks affordably increases ground clearance. Read More→

Two-wheel drive lift technology goes to new heights with 4.5-inch and 7-inch spindle lift systems for 2003-2013 Ram ½-tons

MaxTrac Ram 2WD 7inch liftAnaheim, Calif. — MaxTrac Suspension released new lift systems that incorporate the company’s signature lift spindles. For 2003-2013 Ram 1500 2WD trucks, the new MaxTrac knuckles – cast from ductile iron and finished with a durable black e-coat for corrosion-resistance – provide 4.5 inches of lift. This provides enough wheelwell clearance to fit many 35-inch-tall tires without having to trim the fenders. Read More→

MaxTrac Releases Dodge Ram Lift Spindles

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

MaxTrac Ram Lift SpindlesAnaheim, Calif. — MaxTrac Suspension is proud to announce its newest addition to their already extensive lineup of affordable signature series lift spindles. The new spindle fits the 2002-2008 Ram 2500/3500 2WD trucks, offering a full 3.5-inches of lift. Manufactured from extremely durable ductile iron and cast as a single piece, the spindle design offers a larger neck and reinforced tie-rod bosses to handle larger, heavier off-road tires and wheels while maintaining O.E. specifications. Read More→

Optional MaxTrac Suspension Components Can Create 6 Inches Of Total Lift

MT_TundraAnaheim, Calif. — MaxTrac Suspension has new 3.5-inch lift spindles for 2007-2013 Toyota Tundras. These spindles make the factory-raked 2WD Tundra’s front end an inch higher than its rear for a desert pre-runner look and/or to compensate for a heavy winch and bumper. The MaxTrac front spindles clear up to 33-inch-tall tires (minor fenderwell modifications might be required, depending on tire width and wheel backspacing). Read More→

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maxtracANAHEIM, Calif. — Maxtrac Suspension now offers ultra-strong forged torsion-bar leveling keys for comparable cost to weaker cast keys. By streamlining manufacturing and distribution, Maxtrac is able to sell premium-quality torsion keys at a highly cost-effective price point — MSRP is currently $149.95 for the 2011-12 Chevy 2500/3500 HD pickup applications, both 4×4 and 2WD. (Dealer-direct pricing is available, and margins are some of the best in the industry.) Read More→

Anaheim, Calif. — MaxTrac Suspension has released a cost-effective solution for two-wheel-drive 2004-2011 Titan owners who want to run up to 35-inch-tall tires. MaxTrac maximizes value and ground clearance by eliminating the replacement front crossmember included in some competing kits. Instead, MaxTrac uses one-piece spindles that are cast from ductile iron and are e-coated for corrosion protection. These spindles provide four inches of lift. Steering angles are retained, and the factory rack-and-pinion system remains in its stock location. Read More→