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Jason Scherer - Ultra4DANVILLE, CA   SEPTEMBER 25, 2013   Jason Scherer would like to cap off the season with a solid race at the 2013 Ultra4 Nitto Tires National Finals in Congress, Arizona this weekend.  “This has been an interesting season to say the least; we have won poles, won events and then plagued with transmission failures.  We have lead a lot of laps and had the speed to win, but part failures have taken us out before the checker flag,” said Jason Scherer, driver of the Rubicon Express #76 car.  “We won the National race last year in Texas and feel we may have found the solution to our car troubles just in time to come to Arizona and compete strong this weekend.” Then Jason adds, “After this race I can’t wait to get up to the Rubicon Trail in my 2014 JK and test out the new Rubicon Express suspension and Smittybilt products that are being installed at 4Wheel Parts while we are at the race!” Read More→

Saturday and Sunday September 28-29 in Cortez, CO

W.E. Rock Grand NationalsPLACERVILLE, CA   SEPTEMBER 19, 2013:  The Grand Nationals is the final event of the 2013 Professional Rock Crawling season where the East Coast drivers meet the West Coast drivers in a final shootout where only one will leave with the National Title. WERock PSC Grand Nationals will be a Saturday and Sunday event on September 28-29 in Cortez, CO; a few miles down from the recent Dirt Riot location and only minutes from Jimmy’s 4×4.  “Each year we move the location between the East and West in consideration of the drivers, and this year it is a West Coast event.  We chose the Cortez, Colorado location for its natural terrain and difficulty,” said Rich Klein, President and founder of W.E. Rock Events.  “These are the top drivers from across the country and they will be putting everything on the line for this title, creating guaranteed action for spectators.” Read More→

WERock PSC Grand Nationals Saturday and Sunday September 28-29 in Cortez, CO

Dirt Riot 4WD Factory National Rampage Friday and Saturday October 11-12 in Bridgeport, TX

W.E. Rock - Dirt RiotPLACERVILLE, CA   AUGUST 29, 2013:  At the end of the 18 event regular season, the W.E. Rock and Dirt Riot team are excited to announce the two final 2013 National Events. WERock PSC Grand Nationals will be a Saturday and Sunday event on September 28-29 in Cortez, CO and Dirt Riot 4WD Factory National Rampage will be Friday and Saturday event on October 11-12 in Bridgeport, TX.  Both of these events will feature competitors from across the country who will compete for National Titles.  “2013 has been an exceptional season.  We are very excited to wrap up the year with these two National events,” said Rich Klein, President and founder of W.E. Rock Events.  “We already have commitments from many of the teams, and will be updating our website as more join.  Even through the dates have been on the schedule all year, we want to make sure that everyone has time to plan to join us.” Read More→

Jason Scherer KOH 2013 (1)DANVILLE, CA   FEBRUARY 15, 2013   Jason Scherer started on the pole position at the 2013 Griffin King of the Hammers presented by Nitto Tires, proceeded directly to Back Door where he one-shotted the obstacle perfectly and after regaining positions was 4th through the RM38 remote pit. From there it was a battle of man over machine.  “It was absolutely without a doubt the hardest thing I have every done to drive every rock trail twice without power steering,” said the 2009 King Jason Scherer who has finished in the top 20 for 4 consecutive years.  “I finished 21st with 25 minutes to go, my arms and shoulders brutally beaten and cold as hell, but I didn’t give up.”  Read More→

king of the hammersJeff Knoll and partner Dave Cole scratched out an idea on a napkin 7 years ago that has blossomed into one of the biggest off-road motorsports events in the United States attracting over 20,000 spectators for the weeklong King of the Hammers event held in the California Desert near 29 palms Marine base next week. Following the 2011 event Knoll announced plans he would be leaving the company and event he helped build, to pursue other interest shocking the Ultra4 Community. ” The time seemed right for a single person to take the company to the next level, and after much debate Dave proved the best choice” said Knoll speaking for the first time about his decision to leave Hammerking Productions. “We had accomplished far more together then we ever imagined producing 4 feature films, multiple TV shows, a racing series, and of course the mammoth King of the Hammers event. Leaving gave me the opportunity to explore some ideas I had wanted to expand Hammerking into without the burden of producing the existing product line and focus more time on political issues inside the OHV industry.” Knoll continued. Read More→

Jason Scherer is Signed to ASR Dream Team

Monday, September 5th, 2011

2012 TORC Pro Light Series and Ultra4 King of the Hammers

FORT WORTH, TX   SEPTEMBER 5, 2011  Jason Scherer has been signed to drive a Pro-Light truck and Ultra4 car for team owner Tom Allen of PSC Motorsports in the newly formed team, Allen Scherer Racing (ASR).  The ASR team will compete in the 2012 TORC Pro Light Series, at the 2012 Ultra4 King of the Hammers, campaign for the 2012 Ultra4 Championship and also compete in a few Best in the Desert and BRT Desert Races. “I am excited to say the least!” said Jason Scherer, 2009 ‘King’ of the Hammers and multiple offroad series championship winner.  “I have been racing competitively for the last 10 years and the work and dedication has paid off!  Tom wants to win, so there is a lot of pressure, but I am also very competitive and as soon as that green flag drops I hope to accomplish the goals for all involved.” The ASR team is composed of owner Tom Allen and the team at PSC Motorsports, Jason Scherer and his Rage 4th support staff and Tribe 4×4 Adam Scherer and Ryon Donaldson. Read More→

JOHNSON VALLEY, CA, OCTOBER 23, 2009: Performance Steering Components, more commonly known as PSC Motorsports, and Hammerking Productions, Inc. are excited about announcing PSC as the Official Steering of the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers. “PSC has always been a strong supporter of this race, and we are proud to have them as the Official Steering company,” said Jeff Knoll of Hammerking Productions.

“This is the ultimate product development lab and proving ground. With the Ultra 4 vehicle rules basically leaving car design wide open, it has bread innovation. There is no pre-determined car design that dominates, which has fabricators scrambling to build what they vision as the perfect car,” said PSC owner Tom Allen. “It has definitely created what we refer to as “the better mousetrap syndrome.”’ Tom has been producing quality steering components for racing and offroad for over 26 years and PSC is now in its ninth year of business.

PSC will be bringing a complete mobile steering shop with them and plenty of parts to Hammertown, USA in February. “We will have a complete staff that will do whatever it takes to get your vehicle turning,” explains Allen.

PSC is also announcing the “Jokers Wild Last Chance Qualifier” opportunity to LCQ participants. Racers that did not obtain a starting position through LCQ will be given the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for the last starting position. The drawing will take place after the LCQ races are completed on Wednesday February 10th 2010. A container will be filled with playing cards plus one Joker. Total number of cards will equal the total number of entrants. Drivers will each draw one card, and the driver with the Joker will be awarded the final starting position. This position must be used by the drawing winner. If this team is unable to compete, an additional drawing may be held. To qualify for the PSC Jokers Wild Last Chance Qualifier, pre-registration is required. In addition, PSC product must be used on the race car and the car must display three PSC 4.5”x12” contingency decals – one on the roof, and one on each side of the car.

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