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Richie Carter Win GH 7-12-14_800x600GLEN HELEN RACEWAY, CA – July 12, 2014   In their first Western Regional Race of 2014 and their first regional race in the newly created Ultra4 Legends Class, Race Prep Racing outlasted the other Legends teams and took the checkered flag for the win on July 12, 2014.  Richie Carter, driver of the 4474 Legends Class car, credits perseverance and hard work for the team’s success.

The pit crew battled fueling issues all weekend still managing to put down good lap times during the preliminary heats when it counted.  Though the final wasn’t pretty – the car sputtered and popped during most of the race – this is endurance racing and the car, driver, and crew worked for 90 minutes keeping the car moving and the lap times consistent.  In the end, Race Prep Racing put down two more laps than its closest competitor and took the win in their class. Read More→

BU, RPR, D2R Save JV CheckFebruary 5, 2013, Johnson Valley, CA – The iconic King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, CA took on new meaning and added opportunity for education and fundraising this year as racers work to keep the area open to public recreation.  The Marine Corps has been trying to annex the land for their use since 2007 under the auspice of training space and increased national security.  Off-roaders including the race teams involved in King of the Hammers are fighting this move and working tirelessly to keep the 146,000 acres there open to public use.  On February 5th DSquared Racing 4441, Big Ugly Racing 4435 and Race Prep Racing 4474 banded together during this year’s race week with a unique and fun idea – let’s sell cups and throw a party and give the money to the cause. Daren Henke of DSquared Racing said, “An event mid week when we are all working so hard to be ready to race just seemed perfect.” Read More→

Race Prep RacingSimi Valley, CA – Race Prep Racing’s Unlimited Ultra4 car #4474 will be the first pro class car to take the green flag during the famous King of the Hammers week held in Johnson Valley, CA February 3-9.  Richie Carter, the three-time driver of the team’s Falken sponsored car will be the first to tackle the qualifier course on Tuesday morning when racing begins.  The course remains a heavily guarded secret, but this premier starting position offers the team a clean race course, before the other 150+ racers have had a chance to dig it up and alter its difficulty.  This could prove to be a huge advantage for this seasoned racer. Read More→

Race Prep RacingMarch 14, 2012, Simi Valley, CA:  The 4474 Race Prep Racing team known for consistency and perseverance encountered a day ending break at the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, CA on February 10, 2012. At race mile 68 (of 171 miles) the driver Richie Carter was told by his pit crew that fluid wasn’t going to be enough to keep the rear differential happy.  Carter, thinking he was simply leaking a little fluid from the rear axle due to a seal failure, had planned to add fluid at the pits as needed.  But when he stopped there for fluid and fuel the crew had to tell him the issue was larger than that.  Upon further inspection it seemed the rear axle housing had suffered a break at the spindle and the axle was being held together by the brakes on the passenger side.  The team had no choice but to end their race efforts there. Read More→

genrightSimi Valley, CA – January 20, 2012 – Citing team racing theories, consistency and a positive image, GenRight Off Road’s President Tony Pellegrino announces their sponsorship of Race Prep Racing for the 2012 Ultra4 Racing Season.  “Having GenRight on board really validates our team’s efforts and accomplishments last year.  GenRight represents talent, hard work and passion in business and racing.  Having them sponsor us in 2012 is an honor,” driver Richie Carter said of the arrangement. Read More→

November 2011, California:  Privateer Ultra4 team Race Prep Racing completed their rookie season with a solid finish at Glen Helen Motorsports Park last month.  Richie Carter, driver, made 24 laps in the unpredictable endurance race that proved to be too difficult to finish for more than half the field.  This Race Prep Racing result puts the team in 11th place overall for the season, of the 182 teams racing Ultra4.

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Simi Valley, CA:  It is with great excitement that the Race Prep Racing team announces their partnership with Coast Motor Supply, SW Airflow Services and West Coast Cylinder Heads. Richie Carter, driver and co-owner of the 4474 race car, determined early on this season that the car deserved a little more power than the original motor supplied and these three sponsor companies have made this a reality.

A new 6 liter LS motor is currently being installed in the Race Prep Racing car, just in time for their next race, the Stampede in Reno, NV, September 7-10.  With motor, parts and porting services all provided by the sponsors, driver Richie Carter is able to focus on getting the rest of the car race-ready.  “My confidence in Coast Motors, Shane [SW Airflow Services] and the guys at West Coast goes back decades.  They understand motors, racing and performance and I trust their work,” said Carter when asked about his choices for this important upgrade.  While not necessarily the “big motors” many of their competitors are using, the 6 liter is a big step up for the team and a solid and affordable choice.  Knowing the limitations of the car as a whole, they chose this motor over other options to keep the balance between speed/power and the “weakest link”.  “Every car has a weakest link,” Carter noted, “my goal here was not to put more motor in the car than she can handle.”  Read More→

July 21, 2011 – Tooele, UT:  Richie Carter, driver of the 4474 Race Prep Racing car had another successful weekend, finishing the American Rock Sports Challenge at Miller Motorsports Parkin Tooele, Utah in 17th place.  A weekend jeeper, Richie kept the car together, suffering no mechanical issues all weekend, and pushed his 230 horsepower motor to the limit on this brand new course.  A combination of short course and man-made rock pile, the American Rock Sports Challenge proved a good event for the team and allowed Race Prep Racing to continue with their successful season of finishing without breaking, which has consistently landed them in the top half of the competition at every race this year. Read More→

May 10, 2011 – Simi Valley, CA: At the Best in the Desert Silver State 300 this year a weekend jeeper qualified for the 2012 King of the Hammers (KOH).  With no prior desert racing experience, Ultra4 driver Richie Carter took his Race Prep Racing #4474 car 303 miles in just under 8 hours, scooping up the 5th and final qualifying spot given in this race.  In an instant the team, led by Richie as owner and mechanic as well as driver, became a force to take note of in the Ultra4 class. Read More→