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save the hammers.org  220x71 NO GRAIN OF SAND! BILL INTRODUCED INTO CONGRESS THAT WILL ESTABLISH JOHNSON VALLEY AS NATIONAL OHV AREA.Today marks an historic day for the OHV community.

The attached bill is the language that will be noticed this morning with the Natural Resources Committee for a hearing next Friday. The intent of the bill is to protect all of Johnson Valley for recreational use, particularly off-highway vehicles, and provide the Marine Corps with narrow training opportunities per the approval of BLM (it specifically excludes the use dud-producing ordinance). There is no intent to close down any uses currently going on inside Johnson Valley (including mining claims). There is a strong desire to keep this bill focused on preserving Johnson Valley.

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Tuesday, April 9th, 2013


The Off Road Business Association help its first open Board of Directors meeting in many years at the 2013 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah. Timed during the Industry show the event was well attended by industry leaders. While not open to the general public, the meeting was broadcast over the public address system so that all in attendance could listen in. Topics included the Johnson Valley OHV Fight with news of official support from Congressman Cook announced after a mid day phone conversation with ORBA President Fred Wiley. Wiley reported that Congressman Cook would be exploring the Alternative 4 Hybrid¬† proposed by the Save The Hammers effort within the California Motorized Recreation Council. Read More→

ORBA is reviewing the FEIS and working with the California Motorized Recreation Council, and Ecologic Partners on comments.

save the hammers.org  220x71 Johnson Valley OHV Area Final Environmental Impact Statement has been released.The Long awaited Johnson Valley OHV area Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was released last Friday in Washington, D.C.

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The nearly 1200 page document will be reviewed by ORBA legal council at Ecologic Partners over the next few weeks and comments submitted. In addition, ORBA is working with the Livingston Group in Washington, D.C. through its CMRC relationship to lobby Congress to stop the expansion. We have successfully educated bipartisan Congressional membership in both the House and the Senate on this tremendous loss of OHV recreational opportunity.¬† To date, ORBA has invested over $70,000 into the approximately $300,000 effort to save Johnson Valley. Read More→