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The Off Road Business Association help its first open Board of Directors meeting in many years at the 2013 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah. Timed during the Industry show the event was well attended by industry leaders. While not open to the general public, the meeting was broadcast over the public address system so that all in attendance could listen in. Topics included the Johnson Valley OHV Fight with news of official support from Congressman Cook announced after a mid day phone conversation with ORBA President Fred Wiley. Wiley reported that Congressman Cook would be exploring the Alternative 4 Hybrid  proposed by the Save The Hammers effort within the California Motorized Recreation Council.





Additional items included a report from BOD Member Stewart Gosswein concerning the Greater Canyonlands Wildness area that will affect over 200 Miles of trails near Moab, and a report on the California OHMVR Trust.  Jeff Knoll Reported on how the CMRC group was able to gain traction, and how this model could be used in other efforts. Chairman of the Board Greg Adler asked for input on the direction of ORBA, and encouraged greater participation in the trade association from its members. The entire board offered to take direction from its membership on items that needed attention.


The event was well attended with great feedback from the audience. The Board is considering its next open Board Meeting in October during the Off Road Expo.

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