Selectable design allows Jeep owners to control suspension balance and roll stiffness in a way that was never before possible

switchblade kit JKS Manufacturing Unveils SwitchBlade™ Swaybar Alliance, NE – April 2010: The SwitchBlade Swaybar from JKS Manufacturing is the industry’s first variable rate anti-sway bar for Jeep vehicles. This high performance replacement for the factory anti-sway bar can be adjusted by the user to improve vehicle performance both on- and off-road. Unlike single- or dual-rate anti-sway bars that offer limited or no tuning capability, the SwitchBlade Swaybar allows the user to match the level of swaybar resistance to virtually any vehicle, terrain or driving style. With five unique settings from which to choose, the vehicle owner gains control of roll stiffness in a way that was never before possible. Read More→