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JKS Manufacturing Unveils SwitchBlade™ Swaybar

Selectable design allows Jeep owners to control suspension balance and roll stiffness in a way that was never before possible

Alliance, NE – April 2010: The SwitchBlade Swaybar from JKS Manufacturing is the industry’s first variable rate anti-sway bar for Jeep vehicles. This high performance replacement for the factory anti-sway bar can be adjusted by the user to improve vehicle performance both on- and off-road. Unlike single- or dual-rate anti-sway bars that offer limited or no tuning capability, the SwitchBlade Swaybar allows the user to match the level of swaybar resistance to virtually any vehicle, terrain or driving style. With five unique settings from which to choose, the vehicle owner gains control of roll stiffness in a way that was never before possible.

How it works

What makes the SwitchBlade Swaybar so unique are the distinctive blade type swing arms located on each side of the vehicle. The blade arms are connected to opposite ends of a high performance torsion bar which is mounted to the vehicle chassis. At the base of each blade arm are spring-loaded indexing heads that allow easy performance adjustments without any tools.

Each blade arm can be configured in three positions – vertical, horizontal or diagonal. In the vertical position, the blade arms are completely rigid. Suspension forces are transferred directly to the torsion bar for optimum vehicle handling and passenger safety at highway speeds.

In the horizontal position, the blade arms are able to flex with the suspension, much like a leaf spring. In fact, the blade arms are constructed from tempered spring steel, so they are engineered to cycle up and down as the suspension articulates. At the softest setting, the SwitchBlade Swaybar provides just enough resistance to stabilize the body without limiting off-road capability.

In the diagonal position, suspension forces are shared between the torsion bar and blade arms. As a result, the suspension can still absorb smaller obstacles, while vehicle stability and handling at intermediate speeds is greatly improved. This setting is ideal for unmaintained roads where speed and terrain varies.

The blade arms can be adjusted independently or together for maximum user customization. Adjustments are incredibly easy to make, and since no tools are necessary, they only require one or two seconds per arm.

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Selectable roll resistance settings
Choose between 5 unique rates according to speed, terrain and individual load requirements for enhanced vehicle versatility

Balanced suspension control
Distribute suspension forces between front and rear swaybars for increased off-road stability, traction and driver confidence

Positive high-speed handling
Increase front roll stiffness to restore vehicle responsiveness for safe and dependable on-road transportation

“Constant Connect” design
Transition between trail and pavement quickly and easily without getting dirty. No crouching. No reaching. No fuss.

Cutting edge torsion bar
Handle high-speed corners with ease thanks to the superior 4340 Chrome-moly torsion bar which outperforms alternative products using 4130 Chrome-moly

Multi-direction linkage
Forget about heim joint noise and binding with exclusive Gimbal type universal joints and oil-impregnated bronze bearings that offer greater range of motion, auto-alignment and no maintenance

Enhanced vehicle appearance
Make a striking impression everywhere you go with racing inspired blade arm technology and streamlined, polished indexing heads

Low resistance positions
Provides minimal resistance to front axle articulation for enhanced suspension balance and slow-speed crawling over extreme off-road terrain

Medium resistance positions
Provides moderate resistance to front axle articulation for reduced body roll and improved stability over mixed terrain at intermediate speeds

Full resistance position
Provides maximum resistance to front axle articulation for safe and predictable handling at highway speeds


PN 9100 fits 1997-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ, front suspension

Coming soon for Wrangler JK

  • J
    James H. Curnew
  • November 3, 2010
I am VERY interested in your new Switchblade swaybar set up. I currently have a Currie sway bar and it Sucks! If you set up for street, you can't run off road well. And if you set up for off-road you can't run street. Driving down winding back country roads, going to the next trail, with all the bobbing and weaving makes you breathe hard at times....I am currently wheeling an '06 Unlimited Rubicon with a 6" Full Traction long arm, with Bilstein's and 35's on each corner. Please send me any information on your new sway bar set up, Again, Very interest. I believe your product is the answer to my rock and roll problem. Thank you for your time.


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