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Friday, October 5th, 2012

Toyota’s FJ Cruiser is a retro vehicle, inspired by its iconic predecessor the FJ40. The FJ40 was a capable off road vehicle, but offered little in the way of interior features. While clearly more sophisticated than its ancestor, the current day FJ Cruiser has remained true to early 40 series interior styling. It has a sparse vertical dash that offers limited storage and accessory mounting locations.

The Outback Roof Console provides a practical location for your CB or long range radio. Positioning the radio just above the rear view mirror ensures it is clearly visible from the driving position. The microphone and cable are hooked out of the way, yet are easily reached when needed. Roof consoles arrive ready for a standard DIN size radio installation with optional sized adapters available (see chart below) . Read More→

Fresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc. is now offering their signature armor for FJ Cruisers. Trail-Gear is releasing their complete line of Rock Defense™ trail armor for FJ Cruisers today (Friday, July 13). The line consists of two styles of front bumper with optional skid plate upgrade; as well as a rear bumper with optional additional support tube kit. Consumers may choose to outfit their FJ Cruiser with the full armor pack that includes a choice of standard or low-profile front bumper, with the FJ Cruiser Transfer Case Skid Plate, FJ Cruiser Rock Sliders and FJ Cruiser Rear Bumper. Read More→

Rock royalty Jon Bundrant returns to hardcore competition

Lake Elsinore, Calif. —The “I can do that” attitude is responsible for a lot of innovation. It’s also spawned the infamous Darwin Awards for misguided insanity.

 Jeff Miller, owner of Mad Dog Offroad Products, found himself saying, “I can do that” after attending the King of the Hammers (KOH) competition in California’s Johnson Valley. Miller had been over the Hammer trails in his custom 2008 FJ Cruiser, which was built by hardcore Toyota specialist All-Pro Off Road. (Miller’s off-road baptism was the 2008 All-Pro FJ Cruiser Challenge, where he was amazed by what FJs could do with the proper modifications.)

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