Buildup: Polaris "RockCrawler" RZR

All Terrain Research “Chassis Bones” install on the RockCrawler RZR

ATR Chassis BonesFirst on the project list were the items that would help keep the OEM parts from disintegrating after it’s first trip out. Did some online research and one of the companies that jumped out was All Terrain Research out of Tyler TX. The owner, Jeremy Bratcher, is an offroad enthusiast with a variety of addictions, the latest being UTV’s. The company has come out with some great products that are “must have” items when building a RZR.

First up are the Chassis Bones…these are CNC cut and machined tubes that are inserted into the four rear main frame tubes and the two front main frame tubes to strengthen the thin OEM stuff. The Bones and machined ends are Zine Chromate finished to control corrosion (a must here in Wisconsin) and everything is finished with stainless steel hardware.

Simply put, jump your rig enough times, and something will give…Chassis Bones will help keep the chassis straight.

Tools Required:

Sharpie alignment

  • 3/8″ Allen bit
  • T25 Torx
  • Rubber/plastic mallet
  • wheel bearing grease
  • drill
  • Sharpie
  • Torque wrench
  • adjustable pliers
  • tape measure
  • hammer and center punch
  • 3/8″ socket for the skid plate bolts

Installation information:

Lowers installedNot difficult, but if your chassis is at ALL tweaked, then these will be a bear…they are a tight fit, and may require “persuasion” for installation.  I suggest a small penlight be shown down each chassis tube prior to installing the Bones…make sure any weld slag or any other obstructions are removed.

ATR did a good job with their installation instructions…the only trick they did NOT note is the use of a Sharpie to add an alignment line so the Bones can be accurately inserted the first time.  I was impressed that a #7 bit was included, so I didn’t have to dig for something close.  I did pre-tap the holes for the self-tapping screws…the first was frustrating due to the awkward position, so out came the tap and die set.

My only mistake was not ordering a skid plate…the OEM one has to be removed, so installing an aftermarket would be a no-brainer….ah well, it’s good practice.

A couple important pics are shown above, otherwise check all the images in the gallery!

Image Gallery…

ATR All Terrain Research Chassis Bones installation into the 2009 Polaris RockCrawler RZR

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