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All Terrain Research “Chassis Ribs”

DSC_1387 (Small)Another major recommended addition for a stock or LE model RZR are “Chassis Ribs” from All Terrain Research.  Like the previously installed “Chassis Bones,” these help prevent the RZR chassis from bending during jumping/landing by tying the rear suspension mounts together.

(Yes, you will jump your RZR…and yes, it is fun…don’t kid yourself!)

The install is simple and easy, and should take less than :30 minutes.  Tools required are a 15mm combination wrench, a 15mm socket and short extension, a floor jack to take the weight off the suspension, a hammer, a tapered drift and a pry bar….and that’s it.  Short but sweet.  I barely even got dirty. (barely, since walking into my shop usually requires a change of clothes, even if I don’t touch a thing)

DSC_1384 (Small)Step one is to get the rear suspension slightly off the floor…using a jack versus a fixed stand is necessary since the ability to raise/lower the chassis will help align things during reassembly.  Using the socket and combo wrench, remove the two L-O-N-G upper A-arm bolts and two shorter outside lower bolts.  Note the trick I use with the open end of the combo wrench to help get the bolts removed…these are flanged bolts and locknuts, no washers, but there is plenty there to gently pull on as the bolt rotates during removal.

Once these 4 are removed, align the plate and first install the two L-O-N-G upper bolts…use the floor jack to slightly raise and lower the chassis to help align them, and the hammer to gently tap them into place.  The tapered drift will help tap them through the recessed upper mounting of the Chassis Ribs.  Mine went in quite easily, and only took a little floor jack adjustment to help align the last inch through the back bracket.

Lowers are similar…use the floor jack and pry bar to adjust things into position.

DSC_1388 (Small)ATR provides four new nylock nuts to use on your bolts to help ensure they don’t back off.  Remember, nylocks should only be used once…they are not as snug if reused.

The hardest part of the entire install was the loosening/tightening of the bolts…I cheated and used air <wink>.

NOTE:  The 2010 RZR-S does NOT require the Ribs…the cage design takes care of the issue.

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