ATR Dash Bar – RockCrawler RZR

If you play at all, you are going to flop your RZR…if you play hard, you are likely to do a full roll.  And if you’ve spent any time researching on the internet, you’ve seen the images of the RZR A-pillar bent to one side or the other following a rollover.  The stock RZR rollcage is not the strongest, and while plenty of high quality full replacement aftermarket options exist, there are improvements you can make to your stock cage that will greatly strengthen it and save some money…this is why I chose to install the All Terrain Research Dash Bar w/ V-Brace.

The Dash Bar is designed to tie in the two bolt-together stock mounts at the dash and add rigidity to that point.  Adding the V-Brace adds still more strength by tying in the Dash Bar to the center of the A-hoop…this combination of mounting points adds triangulation to the A-pillar and helps keep this pillar intact during a side roll.

Tools required:

  • 5/16″ allen
  • 1/4″ allen
  • 1/2″ combination wrench
  • 1/2″ gear drive wrench
  • small pick
  • touch-up paint
  • masking tape

Install is a bit of a pain…but honestly, the LAST thing you want in a safety product is a loose fit.  Step one is to remove the 8 allen bolts and the A-pillar assembly entirely.  I additionally needed to loosen the 3 bolts that hold the drivers side bracket (things fit that snugly).  Those are accessed from the fenderwell and from under the dash and a 1/2″ combination wrench and 1/2″ gear-drive wrench are perfect for this.

Once everything is disassembled, ensure the Dash Bar clamps will clear the Polaris welds…mine did not, and required a little sanding with a 120 grit disc on my angle grinder.  I found some silver wheel paint and it matched pretty close to the LE cage.

Alignment is simple…but FIRST remember to set the nylock nuts back into the mounting slots for the A-pillar.  These need to be already positioned, since there is little room to squeeze them in once the Dash Bar is in place.  With the Dash Bar over the  mounts, you can then re-install the A-pillar.  I installed all the bolts loosely at first to make sure everything aligned.  As you check the photos, you’ll see where I used a small welders pick to align the top nut on the dash mounts…very little room to work with here.

I tightened bolts in the following order:  1> drivers side bracket, 2> Dash Bar clamp at the top of the V, 3> A-pillar bolts at the dash, 4> A-pillar center bolts, 5> Dash Bar bolts at the dash.  This seemed to be the correct order to ensure no gaps between the new Dash Bar and the OEM Polaris A-Pillar.

I hope to never test the All Terrain Research Dash Bar w/ V-Brace, but considering this RZR was on its side in the first week, I’m quite sure it will get more destructive testing in the coming months.  The Dash Bar is an affordable safety item and one I strongly recommend for those not ready for a complete aftermarket cage.

(NOTE:  This ATR Dash Bar includes the mounts for a Rigid 30″ LED light…stay tuned for that installation shortly!)

By Brian 'woody' Swearingen

Offroad enthusiast, photographer, online editor and admin...IPA and cigar fan too :)


  1. I wish you would have put up the blog about dash bar installation sooner. I installed mine about two months ago twice. Good Info Woody. I also installed an atr rear rack, but I put it on the upper cross bar, using it as a pseudo roof rack. Atr makes some good stuff.

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