Buildup: Polaris "RockCrawler" RZRProject Rigs

Rigid Industries 30″ LED Light Bar

Lighting on any rig is important, for safety and visibility.  Seeing the trail ahead when rock crawling or watching the trail ahead when desert running requires a product that will withstand a great deal of abuse and offer both spot and flood capabilities.   The 30″ Rigid “E” Series Light Bar met all of these requirements…shockproof, combination spot/flood and low power draw.  By using the ATR Dash Brace, the Rigid LED mounts safely below the roofline and away from the front bumper, minimizing glare and potential damage….when you choose a light of this quality, you want it protected!

The Rigid LED packaging  includes the LED light, mounting tabs (not needed in my install) and the sealed wiring harness/relay/switch…plus lots of padding to ensure it arrives safely.

Installation could not have been easier…I needed a rubber mallet to ‘slightly’ adjust the ATR mounts and the Rigid LED dropped easily into place.  Two nylock nuts and it’s installed.  Pop on the ATR mounting caps with the included allen screws and you’ve got it secured.  (This is one big advantage to the ATR mounting…a thief would need to remove 8 allen screws to get to the LED mount bolts…more effort means more time which equals less chance they’ll try…) As shown in the photos, I used a small level for the initial light angle…turns out, it was perfect.

Wiring was easy as well…the Rigid LED ships with a universal vehicle harness so I anticipated the need to rewire for the RZR (battery under the drivers seat being the biggest obstacle).  The harness includes the switch, a relay, and plenty of wire to connect to a battery.  However, I opted to install a remote fuse block on the firewall.  This allowed for much shorter wire runs, and I ended up cutting quite a bit out of the loom in both the main power lead wires and in the switch wiring.   A few quality sealed wire connectors and the installation was complete.

The Rigid LED is impressive.  Very bright and very clean lighting, and no glare issues whatsoever.  Had a great opportunity to use it on the trail this past weekend at The Cliffs Insane Terrain outside Marseilles IL…muddy woods trails plus some higher speed runs back to camp.  Very bright white light, great visibility, very few shadows to deal with.  Everyone on the ride was impressed with the light and how it illuminated the trail and obstacles…and the position on the ATR dash bar was also perfect, since the RZR was nearly covered in mud but the LED remained nearly spotless.

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