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Pitbull Rocker UBER XOR Tires on the RockCrawler RZR

RockCrawler RZR, Pitbull Rocker XORAs I’ve noted previously, any idiot can purchase new tires, put them on their rig, and give glowing reviews about how well they work.  “Hey, look what I bought, and look how well they work the first day!”  Now, let them sit in the sun for a few months…let them get scarred and gouged on the trails…let the edges wear down and the rubber harden a bit…THAT’s when you toss out your opinion on your tires.

Here is mine on the Pitbull Rocker UBER XOR Extreme Offroad Radials – these tires suck!!

WHAT??  Yes, you heard me…traction is so ridiculously good that I rarely need 4wd.  I can’t drift, since the tires refuse to slide.  Burnouts are all but impossible, since they hook to whatever terrain you are in, toss most of it behind you, and launch you down the trail.  Wheeling in muddy/rutted terrain (like The Cliffs Insane Terrain in IL) is boring in 4wd, so I spend my time crossing the ruts diagonally in 2wd trying to get stuck.  I actually had to shift into 4WD to unstick a fullsize rig!!  (3 tries in 2wd, before someone asked me why the fronts weren’t pulling…)  And yes, I yanked a total of five fullsize rigs free that weekend.

After a pathetic showing in the Cliffs, I then tried them at the Badlands in IN…same irritation…crawling around the fullsize rigs in the muddy bottoms trying to get it stuck…finally getting in some drifting in the loose sand on the hills…wandering around all the hardest woods lines in 2wd…finally shiftng into 4wd to do a few of the rock walls in the quarry…

The lugs ARE a bit far spaced to be a great rock crawling tire…I’ve had these in the Black Hills (Kong and Calamity) and at the Superlift Park in AR…they could use more rubber to contact the rock and less gaps to hook the edges.  But at the right pressure, they work well.  I’ve been running between 6 and 8 psi and have lost only one bead (hit a rut with the right front in 2wd and pushed it off the rim)

These tires look great, perform great and have held up well…can’t wait to keep abusing them!

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