Press Release

Ian Johnson leaves CRAWL2 Media

IanIan Johnson announced his resignation as Associate Publisher and Senior Technical Editor of CRAWL magazine.  He is no longer part of the management team ofCRAWL2 Media, LLC.

CRAWL magazine is an offroad magazine that is published bi-monthly by CRAWL2 Media,LLC and is based in Reno, NV.  Ian has been working with CRAWL since 2007 and was part of the ownership team.  Ian has enjoyed his time at CRAWL2 Media, LLC  and wishes the current owners future success.

Ian Johnson will continue in his role as TV Host with RTM Productions and he will continue to produce magazine articles, for other magazine titles, featuring projects from his personal shop,  Big Tire Garage.



Ian Johnson is the Editorial Director, Technical Writer, Technical Producer and Host of Spike TV’s “Xtreme 4×4”.  Each week, he takes viewers step by step through the process of building, modifying and driving hard core off road creations. He uses his skills and knowledge to create a show that is not only interesting to watch, but keeps a high level of technical “how to”.  “Xtreme 4×4”regularly rates at the top of weekend programming on Spike TV.

Prior to his work on “Xtreme 4×4”, Ian was a guest builder on the hugely successful “Monster Garage” (Discovery Channel) television series where he participated in the, “Dead Santa Parade Float” episode.

Ian’s automotive pedigree is highly distinguished.  He holds Automotive Service Technician Licenses in Car and Truck Service, as well as in Heavy Truck and Coach.  He is a graduate of the Automotive Service Education Program at Algonquin College which is an elite group of technicians trained under the guidance of General Motors.  He subsequently completed more than 30 General Motors factory training courses, and worked for 7 years as a driveline specialist.  Seeking to give back to the future generations of automotive technicians, Ian attended the prestigious Queen’s University and obtained his Diploma in Technological Education, as well as an Honors Specialist in Transportation Technology.  For 8 years ,Ian taught at the high school level creating innovative programs that revolved around his student’s interests, and garnered recognition from both his school board, and national press.


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