Metalcloak’s Adjustable Rear Bump Stop System Makes Designing Your JK Suspension Easy

Metalcloak Adjustable Rear Bumpstop KitMetalcloak continues their trend of innovation with the Adjustable REAR Bump Stop System. Like most of us, you’ve probably guessed what size bump stop you need for your lift kit, fender and tire combination. Guess no more.

Following the success of the Adjustable Front Bump Stop System that uses hockey-like pucks to provide the option of 1” to 4” in Bump Stop, Metalcloak’s Adjustable Rear Bump Stop System for the JK Wrangler allows you to easily change the Bump Stop to fit your JK’s specific needs. Each kit comes with eight rectangular pucks (four for each side) manufactured from trail-proven natural thermoplastic rubber designed to mount in a staggered pattern (1” high to 4” high, depending on need) providing a full and complete bump stop option. Just Install. Test. Adjust. It’s that easy. Metalcloak, It’s Your Jeep, Only Better

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  • Purpose:                                    Release of Adjustable Rear Bump Stop System for JK Wrangler
  • Products Referenced:                Metalcloak Adjustable Rear Bump Stop System, JK Wrangler
  • Price of Products:                       $79
  • Ease of Installation:                    Completely Bolt-On.
  • Point of Contact:                         Matson Breakey, VP Marketing & Sales, 916-631-8071
  • Website:                            
  • Location:                                     3290 Monier Circle, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
  • Phone:                                        916-631-8071

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