SEMA 2013: MLR Racework’s Class 6 Race Truck

matt 1

Who doesn’t love themselves a great SCORE Class 6 race truck? We certainly do, and we know you’ll love a closer look at Matt Lovell’s 2009 Ford Ranger (not that there’s much left of the original truck anyway). With 24 inches of travel up front, and 34 inches of travel in the rear by-way of FOX Racing suspension, we’re curious to see what this truck can do in the desert. For now, we’ll have to settle for some detail shots straight from SEMA 2013. 

matt 2

matt 3

matt 4

matt 5

matt 6

matt 7

matt 8

matt 9

matt 10

matt 11

matt 12

matt 13

matt 14

matt 15

matt 16

matt 17

matt 18

matt 19

matt 20

matt 21

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