Heavier Capacity Spydura® Pro Synthetic Rope Winches Round Out WARN ZEON® Lineup

Introducing 12,000 lb. capacity ZEON® 12-S Platinum™ and ZEON® 12-S winches

Clackamas, OR (11/3/2015) – The two newest members of our winch lineup prepares adventurers for the ultimate off-road expedition. Both the new ZEON 12-S Platinum™ and ZEON 12-S come equipped with strongest-in-class WARN Spydura® Pro synthetic rope. Formerly reserved for WARN-equipped industrial and military vehicles, the proprietary Spydura Pro synthetic rope is up- to twice as strong as the competition and engineered to withstand extreme shock loads generated by large vehicles in demanding rescue scenarios. Both models feature a patented rope anchoring system that’s more than ten times stronger than the competition.

ZEON 12-S Platinum™ Winch

WARN’s newest flagship product combines the most technologically-advanced winch in the world with the strongest synthetic rope in its class. The ZEON 12-S Platinum features a long-range advanced wireless remote that controls the clutch, monitors vehicle battery condition and winch motor temperature, and even operates auxiliary lighting. Our 3/8” Spydura® Pro synthetic rope outperforms the competition in every category and is the engineered result of our partnership with championship winning off-road teams, fire and rescue vehicle builders, global expedition leaders, and defense contractors. Powerful, reliable, rugged, and waterproof, the ZEON 12-S Platinum is simply one of the finest machines we’ve ever built.

Key features:

 80’ of strongest-in-class 3/8″ WARN Spydura Pro rope found on Warn-equipped military vehicles

 Industry-exclusive Advanced Wireless Remote controls the clutch, off-road lights, and other accessories

 Remote also monitors vehicle’s battery condition and winch motor temperature

 WARN’s highest rating for performance, durability, and corrosion resistance

 Made in USA and backed by the WARN Limited Lifetime Warranty

ZEON® 12-S Winch

As adventure rigs become heavier and loaded down with accessories, equipment, fuel, and provisions, recovery operations demand WARN performance and reliability. The ZEON gear train is 33% larger and more robust than the competition. The drum is cast from a high-strength zinc alloy to ensure durability through repeated rescue operations. Our rope is rated well beyond the 12,000 lb. winch pulling capacity to conquer enormous shock loads of heavy vehicles mired in challenging conditions. In fact, the ZEON 12-S the 3/8” WARN Spydura Pro is up-to twice the breaking strength of competitor’s rope.

Key features:

 80’ of strongest-in-class 3/8″ WARN Spydura Pro rope found on Warn-equipped military vehicles

 Waterproof, sealed, and submersible with IP68 rating

 Larger, more robust drum and gear train delivers unrivaled reliability

 Fast line speed, low amp draw, and best-in-class brake design

 Made in USA and backed by the WARN Limited Lifetime Warranty

About Warn Industries

Warn Industries is the world’s most recognized brand in off-road products such as hub locks and vehicle recovery winches. The company designs, manufactures and markets a full line of off-road equipment and accessories that enhance the performance of four-wheel-drive and powersports vehicles. Warn Industries has employees in and around Portland, OR, Livonia, MI, and the Netherlands.

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