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This is what you’ve been asking for! The Rear ACOS gives the rear suspension of your TJ the same great adjustability of the front ACOS. The Rear ACOS gives a minimum of 1.25” of lift and a recommended maximum lift of 2”. There is a new center support, that requires welding for installation, included with the Rear ACOS kit. The Rear ACOS can be added to all most any existing suspension setup.

Manufacture list price for Rear “ACOS” is $240.00 per pair.

Application: 1997 to Current, Jeep Wrangler

“SBS” Steering Brace System
The SBS is a reinforcement system of plates will solve the frame cracking problem around the steering gear mount on the XJ frame section (Unibody). It also take into consideration the mounting of a winch bumper and it also moves the tow hooks from being mounted vertically to being mounted horizontal configuration. No more bending tow hooks over from being hit on rocks.

ORGS SBS KitThe SBS is a double plate, one inner and one outer, with connecting sleeve that go thru the frame. The SBS is a total weld on system. It must be welded on to the XJ. It also comes with new steering gear grade 8 bolts w/ washers. The inner plate is 1/8” thick and the outer plate is 3/16” thick. The oval holes in the plate are for rosette welding the plates to the frame.

The SBS can also be installed on the passenger side of the XJ for reinforced winch bumper mounting and to gain the advantage of the horizontal tow hook configuration.

Manufacture list price for a single side is $86.00 (OGS960) and $152.00 (OGS962) for the double kit which does both sides.

The SBS is REAL Steering Gear reinforcement for your XJ

Check out www.orgsmfg.com for more info and pictures!


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