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    Beer Thread

    One of the most unique beers I have ever had was the Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Ale. They over several others that I plan to try, my only issue is finding them. I have only seen them at a few liqueur stores in Vegas and California. These are the others that I'd...
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    This trail looks awesome!
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    West Rim Dec 2017

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    West Rim Dec 2017

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    West Rim Dec 2017

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    West Rim Dec 2017

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    West Rim Dec 2017

    Some photos of our West Rim trail from 2017 South West Adventure Group
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    Beer Thread

    Lets start a beer thread. What do you drink? What type of beer do you prefer? Etc. Etc. When I go to buy beer I try to buy one that I know I like and one or two that I have not tried. I like Stouts, and dark Ale beers mostly. My least favorite beers are IPAs. Tried this one yesterday. It...
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    Added a new XJ to the fleet...

    This is my 4th XJ... Just can't seem to break away from them. lol Picked it up to have something to take out until I finish my YJ (which may be like 2025 at this point lol) It has some goodies already done including bumpers, Metal Cloak lift, SYE and some other stuff. I'm not planning to toss...
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    Build Thread Formula Toy build

    Loving the progress you've made with this rig! I checked it out a little at TH it looks good!
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    Meet Elwarpo...

    Nice collection of Jeeps! Welcome to the group!
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    Welcome! Nice XJ! I just picked up a 99 XJ for some easy weekend wheeling and exploring.
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