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    BaerTrax Big Paw Crawl *FREE EVENT* Clayton Oklahoma in October!/pages/BaerTrax/155760077777948][/img] [/url] []Email Me If You Have Questions[/email] or visit our...
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    BaerTrax Memorial Day 2012 ALL Y'ALL CRAWL Katemcy Texas

    This year we will be hosting our ALL Y'ALL CRAWL on Memorial Day weekend at Katemcy, (K2) As are all of our events this is FREE, no additional fee event. You are however going to have to pay the normal park entry fee. BaerTrax is hosting the event and will include; Guided and UnGuided trails...
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    BaerTrax Memorial Day 2012 ALL Y'ALL CRAWL Katemcy Texas

    Email Me If You Have Questions or visit our Facebook Page for more information. JOSH
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    BaerTrax doing Mickey's HotTub in Moab

    I really like this video. I hope some others can share some of thier's JOSH
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    BaerTrax All Yall Crawl Event videos

    I had no idea Derek and Sunmi were filming any of this. Derek and Sunmi of TwoBoxDesigns do all my marketing and media. You can follow this link to see a lot of raw footage of the BaerTrax All Yall Crawl. We had 104 rigs, about 350 people and had a great raffle. We will be using Matt Stell and...
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    BaerTrax All Yall Crawl (open event)

    I Spoke to Randy Kruse (owner of the park) and he said from gauging from his experience with the phone calls and emails of inquiries he thinks there I should expect around 100 or so rigs!!! This is really shaping up to be a great event!!! Hope to see you guys there!!!
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    disney oklahoma

    I've been there. It's been years since I have been there but I remember it being a great time. If I remember correct it's a real good 1day of wheeling with a good group or has there been more developed? Josh
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    Post up some pics of this week when you get a chance for us guys that are hard at the grind!!! Wish I was out wheeling this week!!! JOSH
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    2009 Polaris RZR RockCrawler...

    i guess theres a pretty big market of the sidexside stuff that I havent really tapped into... Maybe I should look more into those guys... Yeah post up some more pics when you get a chance... JOSH
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    2009 Polaris RZR RockCrawler...

    Good looking Cage Woody. I have a cage I need to do on a Razor in the next couple weeks. His is tweeked and and wants something simple... Ill probably do something very close... JOSH
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    For Sale: 12 bolt hmmwv, hummer, humvee wheels

    Hey man I have a customer that is building what he calls (an urban assault vehicle). He wants to run 12 bolt hmmwv wheels. I have given him one brand new wheel but I know he needs at least 4 more. Where are you located and or do you have an idea how much you would want to ship to Dallas??? Zip...
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    Yeah and the not so funny thing is I have been so darn busy in the shop I didn't realize it was Easter until today!!! I need a break! Josh
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    Should I revamp my website?

    Scott I think you could use a revamp. If your thinking it then your probably on the right track. Time is hard to come by in my world for sure and I have zero knowledge on building sites. I agree with Woody when hes talking about being to personal to keep ideas flowing... I have a guy that has...
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    I have been to BFE twice now and have enjoyed both times. I picked up a load of trash that seemed to be from someone the day or two before we were there to help do our part. We had this very discussion about you not charging while I was planning my event at Katemcy. Thank you very much for a...
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    Thats a good looking rig! I have never had a bronco but have always liked thier style. Now I have 3 guys working for me and as rare as those old broncos are and bronco guys I have found myself with a shop full of bronco guys!!! haha Go figure! Nice set up! JOSH
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