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    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Should be a really fun build. I really like this chassis
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    The Trail Tough rear disconnect seems to work very well (and half the price of the Trail Gear air-activated unit).
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    Chain Reaction

    I am usually denied on the second obstacle, but this is still one of my most favorite trails. Some video from last fall:
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    Uppermost obstacles of Roller Coaster for those of us blessed with "full-figured" rigs;)
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    Covid Solitude has given me time to process some video from last fall. Here is a link to some Joint Effort action.
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    Short video of Charlie Vacha playing on Arrowhead a few days before his class win at the Trail Gear/Supercrawl 2019 Trail Hero event.
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    Buggy Things

    It is a screen grab from a video, but I think this is a cool picture:
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    Sandy Hollow

    The trails at Sand Hollow are often hard to find and stay on, so I highly recommend that at least one member of your group has the CartoTracks mapping system.
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    Sandy Hollow

    It is called Sand Hollow, youngster;) woody's suggestions should keep you busy for 3-4 days -- all fun. If those are not challenging enough, try Joint Effort. TNT and Chain Reaction. Run those, share pictures and we will all be impressed:smokin:
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    DriveTrails - Arrowhead

    Sometimes even old fools do things right -- either that or the sand was very deep making the obstacle easy in 2016;)
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    The Squeeze

    Those of us with "Full-Figured Ladies" might find that just a tad bit confining;) Looks like a fun trail.
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    Winter 4x4 Jamboree

    Slightly better weather than last year?
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    Trail Hero 2018 - Joint Effort

    Fun trail with some awesome people.
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    Rock Crawling

    It is a pleasure to watch a really well-edited rock crawling video. Thank you.
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    Roller Coaster - Chutes and ladders.

    I like to see the super wheeling pictures and the promotion of Trail Hero on the FToy.
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