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    2009 Polaris RZR RockCrawler...

    I'm also looking for an electric wiper blade for my RZR, any idea if anybody makes one? All I can find is this manual wiper blade from EMP, but this isn't going to do me much good in a blizzard.
  2. R ORACLE Jeep Wrangler LED Off-Road Mirrors

    Do these mirrors fit the Commander as well?
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    Decent UTV for a kid?

    The RZR 170 is a solid machine, I looked at one for my kid but opted for an ATV since they're pretty stable. Its a lot of UTV for 4K. Or you could buy him a Commander and pray he doesn't kill anyone or himself.
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    2009 Polaris RZR RockCrawler...

    Looks awesome, where did you get that front bumper for your RZR
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