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    What are my options?

    I want lower gears! What are my transfer case options? What are your views on a doubler? I'm running a 205 currently I have 411 gears and plan on 513's or 538's Where could I find a used atlas? Thanks
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    E maxx

    Here is my wheely king flexed
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    1987 chevrolet suburban shifting problems

    You shouldn't have changed the fluid. All your clutch material was in the old fluid. Time for a rebuild.
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    New guy from CO

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    Dip in the river

    Took a little river cruise.
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    Wheely King Flex

    Not sure if any of you are into rc, but here is my HPI WheelyKing with a crawler king conversion. Oh and a camel spider we caught in Afghanistan.
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    My K5

    New radiator and 16 inch electric fan
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    My K5

    Sbc 350 not sure on the lift. Maybe 4-6 inch. Lots if trimming but it will flex w 40's and not rub. I have been building it for about 4 months. Future plans are 4 link rear and 3 link front with coil overs.
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    Love the seats. The belts are the new retractable ones. Which are awesome. You can drive with them and they are like regular seat belts then turn a knob and they go full lock!
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    A few good sites
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    4 link

    It was a link for coil overs w springs for sale
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    More pics
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    Not an x military. Slowly but surly coming together!
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    My K5

    14bff dana 60 locked
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    4 link

    You posted a link that had coilovers and had the option to buy with choice of springs. It also had a package deal for 4 coil overs with springs. I can't find the link anywhere. Do you remember what the site was? I have looked at profender and ruffstuff and its not one of them.