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  1. Broski

    Hauler camper trailer

    In Dec of this year, I well have had it three years. I am super happy with this set up I have had zero problems with it, very powerful fly's up any hill easy to drive, parks in most spots, camper has large tanks for extended stays off grid and built in generator.
  2. Broski

    Johnson valley

    Packing up and heading out to Johnson Valley for some wheeling Fun. Pulling out tomorrow morning before first light. There's six of us going. 2) 80s 1) first gen pickup 2) first gen 4runner and 1) jeep buggy, all the Reg's are well built. We well be there tell Sunday 11/15 We well be off to...
  3. Broski

    New Guy

    Just wanted to introduce my self My friends call me RB, I like to wheel/ Rock crawl. I don't like to break or bash sh*t but I don't shy away from the hard lines. I have been building/wheeling my 94 FZJ 80 fore 5 years now. I got it bone stock and built it up to what it is today. It's a street...
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