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  1. chris lescoe

    For Sale: 2011 rock buggy

    Kingpin 60s with chromolly shafts and CTM UJOINTS front and rear... Rear steer with custom high steer dule rams front and rear. Brand new 47 inch LTBs with new hummer dule bead locks that have been re centered . ORI shocks in front with 18" of travel 2.5 race runners in rear with 18" of travel...
  2. chris lescoe

    For Sale: 2.5 ton buggy

    Rockwell 2.5 ton axles with Detroit lockers.. Pinion breaks ... Full hydro steering. 4 linked front and rear. Race runner nitrogen shocks... Brand new 355 Chevy crate motor. With fuel injection... Brand new th350 with stage 3 torque converter... Dana 300 with 1 ton out put shaft kits.. 4 to 1...
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