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  1. woody

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Jesse Haines Fabrication has released a new JHF Trail series chassis. This is one of the first production units. Plans are 3800 L67 supercharged engine 700r trans, full manual valve body D300 Behemoth transfer case 4:1 '05+ Superduty D60 front D70 rear with SD 60 steering PRP seats and 4.2...
  2. woody

    Forum upgrade: XF 2.2

    Upgraded to the latest/greatest this afternoon...still some tweaks and adjustments to be made, but the basics are in place.
  3. woody

    NV4500 rebuild

    Today's progress on rebuilding my 98 Dodge NV4500...never a good sign with disassembling the mainshaft involved the torch... Simply put, the reverse idler gear roller bearing is junk, so a set of roller bearings, a new thrust washer and a new reverse gear are on order. Yay.
  4. woody

    Tips and Tricks....

    First off, Preferences...mostly, looking at the Alert system.... Personally, I have Push Notifications enabled (desktop AND mobile)....and have "Alert" and "Push" checked for everything BUT all the Reacts....those are just set to "Alert"...
  5. woody

    Cage repair

    The drivers side A pillar on my FToy was tweaked when I bought it...and Saturdays flop was it's was, out it came... If this was a SEMA car, I could call it Bluetooth and make it
  6. woody

    SOLD: UT: 39 Krawler Reds on Walker Evans beadlocks

    $2500 5 ea 39" BFG Krawler red labels on Walker Evans 6x5.5 beadlocks (3.75 backspacing). One tire/wheel combo nearly new (21/32), two tires are 15/32 (center), two are 16/32 (center). One sidewall plug (pic). Located Hurricane UT, will not ship, will not separate. Bring your buggy, pick up...
  7. woody

    MTB July 2019

    Turns out, Trailforks is doing a "ride every day" challenge for I'm trying... Monday, July 1, Wichita Falls TX 5+ miles on the Wee-Chi-Tah system...some nice elevated sections mixed in, nothing terribly challenging but it was fun.
  8. woody

    DriveTrails - Arrowhead

    Experimenting with a new video series....starting with the 10-rated Arrowhead trail at Sand Hollow. Simply, video of various rigs on the main obstacles, with tutorials on how to successfully navigate each line and why those lines work. Here is a quick video of the gatekeeper obstacle on Arrowhead.
  9. woody

    W.E.Rock WE Rock, Sand Hollow SHOOTOUT!!

    Badass shootout, ridiculous off camber climbs and drops... Cody Waggoner led the charge...
  10. woody

    The Squeeze

    Fun 8-9 rated trail about 45 minutes from Sand Hollow #buggythings
  11. woody

    Cutting brakes

    Just a quick and dirty on cutting brakes.... I run a EMPI setup that I got on EBay - $140 for the brake setup, figure another $60ish for the fittings and such to run separate lines to the rear brakes...
  12. woody

    30 trails, 30 days

    So, a few of us were sitting around a couple weeks back and had a great idea....a promotion for the local trails AND for Trail Hero....the plan: run all 30 of the Trail Hero offered trail runs in a 30 day period! Sounds easy, right? Well....yes, and no....really, we can run most of these in a...
  13. woody

    KOH King of the Hammers 2019

    Have run across a few wild videos from prerunning...
  14. woody

    Winter 4x4 Jamboree

    A few from various trails this past weekend 😁
  15. woody

    Xenforo 2.1 update

    Quite a few new cool features with the latest Xenforo update....the biggest is PUSH NOTIFICATIONS on your Android/Google device or browser.... Plus quite a few others.... ;)
  16. woody

    Buggy Things

    Nate Christensen of Moab Ice on an unnamed obstacle above Nasty Whole :)
  17. woody

    SEMA 2018

    Photo dump from this 2018 SEMA show
  18. woody

    Trail Hero 2018 - Joint Effort

    A few from Saturdays wet run....great day!!
  19. woody

    Trail Hero 2018 - Front Range

    A few from my Wednesday run up Front Range, sponsored by Front Range Offroad and Diamond Axle
  20. woody

    Mountain biking

    Frankly, it's too hot to wheel, so we've been doing some early morning MTB rides....SW Utah has some of the best traile, including Zen, Jem and Gooseberry. I've got two bikes now, a Framed Alaskan fat bike 1x11 and a Niner Air9 1x9...just got the Air9 back together, first ride went well...
  21. woody

    Ash Creek

    Such a fun trail! Seven rigs set out last night to run this 3.5 mile rocky creekbed, hoping to finish in 6 hours but knowing the trail can take much longer if things go wrong. Fortunately, our 7:45p start ended at the trailers at 1:45a!
  22. woody

    Buggy trailer

    Decided a small single axle trailer would be perfect for hauling the FToy here goes! Main rails and tongue are 2x3 -3/16" wall tube....cross rails are 2x3 -1/8" and misc unloaded rails are 2x3 -1/16". Axle is a fullwidth 5200# torsein (already had it) Tires are BFG T/A AS2s on 6...
  23. woody

    Pic of the Day

    This morning, coffee from River Rock Roasting in LaVerkin go-to morning spot....SO good!
  24. woody

    Nasty Half / Joint Effort

    A few from today...will get the POV GoPro uploaded tmrw :-)
  25. woody


    A few from May 12 2018
  26. woody

    NORRA Mexican 1000

    Leaving in the morning for Ensenada for a week+ to sweep the 2018 Yokohama NORRA 2018 Mexican 1000 race...stay tunes for pics and stories! My sweep rig is my 1996 FZJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser....275k on the ticker, and ready for another 4000+ miles of Baja :)
  27. woody

    Joint Effort, Nasty Half, Nasty Whole...

    Ran a few lines today...Joint to warm up...
  28. woody

    Dining Favorites

    These are my personal favorite spots for food...I like to eat...we like to eat... ;) La Verkin: River Rock Roasting Company - GREAT morning coffee and hot breakfast sandwiches, and their pizza is excellent. They serve beer and wine too :) Stage Coach Grill - dinner only spot, but delicious...
  29. woody

    Gunlock area...

    Ran an old trail day, great group!
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