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  1. Rockcod

    Obligatory check in

    HAHA!! You were asking if I wanted to sell it at SNT last year.
  2. Rockcod

    FJ40 project

    Looking forward to seeing the progress on the new 40, hope to see you on the trail some time. My, new to me, 40 had a lot of booger welded brackets and plates stuck to it too. I just dropped it off to Don, of FC Fabrication, he is sleeving the frame and relocating the the drive train and...
  3. Rockcod

    Obligatory check in

    Hi all and Woody!!!! I have been on Mud for 10 years now and just now starting to venture out :D if it aint broke why fix it. But then again owning 2 Land Cruisers, that theory does not apply!!! Looking forward to wandering around another helpful resource site devoted to promoting and...
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