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  1. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Should be a really fun build. I really like this chassis
  2. OldRocDoc


    The Trail Tough rear disconnect seems to work very well (and half the price of the Trail Gear air-activated unit).
  3. OldRocDoc

    Chain Reaction

    I am usually denied on the second obstacle, but this is still one of my most favorite trails. Some video from last fall:
  4. OldRocDoc


    Uppermost obstacles of Roller Coaster for those of us blessed with "full-figured" rigs;)
  5. OldRocDoc


    Covid Solitude has given me time to process some video from last fall. Here is a link to some Joint Effort action.
  6. OldRocDoc


    Short video of Charlie Vacha playing on Arrowhead a few days before his class win at the Trail Gear/Supercrawl 2019 Trail Hero event.
  7. OldRocDoc

    Buggy Things

    It is a screen grab from a video, but I think this is a cool picture:
  8. OldRocDoc

    Sandy Hollow

    The trails at Sand Hollow are often hard to find and stay on, so I highly recommend that at least one member of your group has the CartoTracks mapping system.
  9. OldRocDoc

    Sandy Hollow

    It is called Sand Hollow, youngster;) woody's suggestions should keep you busy for 3-4 days -- all fun. If those are not challenging enough, try Joint Effort. TNT and Chain Reaction. Run those, share pictures and we will all be impressed:smokin:
  10. OldRocDoc

    DriveTrails - Arrowhead

    Sometimes even old fools do things right -- either that or the sand was very deep making the obstacle easy in 2016;)
  11. OldRocDoc

    The Squeeze

    Those of us with "Full-Figured Ladies" might find that just a tad bit confining;) Looks like a fun trail.
  12. OldRocDoc

    Winter 4x4 Jamboree

    Slightly better weather than last year?
  13. OldRocDoc

    Trail Hero 2018 - Joint Effort

    Fun trail with some awesome people.
  14. OldRocDoc

    Rock Crawling

    It is a pleasure to watch a really well-edited rock crawling video. Thank you.
  15. OldRocDoc

    Roller Coaster - Chutes and ladders.

    I like to see the super wheeling pictures and the promotion of Trail Hero on the FToy.
  16. OldRocDoc

    Ash Creek

    Looks like a very fun alternative to the Sand Hollow slickrock. Are we going to get a review on your new tires??
  17. OldRocDoc


    Looking forward for the map update. Really like the mag-dish for spare nuts & bolts on the dash:smokin:
  18. OldRocDoc

    The Maze

    Glad to see more folks going up "Super Nuts". That is high on my wish list. I also want to put my old truck in the Soup Bowl.
  19. OldRocDoc


    I am not sure if this short trail is Chutes and Ladders, or some other. Perhaps the locals can identify it properly.
  20. OldRocDoc


    Here are a couple of videos from our 2016 trip on the Sandthrax Trail. First is VooDoo thrashing around in the Toilet Bowl: And his partner in crime, Larsenbuilt, on the same obstacle:
  21. OldRocDoc


    Thank you woody, for both the lesson on video posting and the kind words. Allow me to test my new-found learning with the following video illustrating three very different obstacles on the Sand Hollow Arrowhead Trail:
  22. OldRocDoc


    Sticking to the Sand Hollow theme, here is a view of the obstacle known as You Gotta be Nuts <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> Sorry that did not embed properly:(
  23. OldRocDoc

    Backflip aftermath...

    An FJ40 hood on the FToy would look great:smokin:
  24. OldRocDoc

    Backflip aftermath...

    I am a big fan of rescue tape! IMO you came out of this little flip in remarkably good shape. My last one required replacing the entire front end .
  25. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread Formula Toy build

    I am amazed at the difference between a Sand Hollow 9 and 10. I bet you will make those 10's in no time.
  26. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread Ibex remodeled

    Nice Remodel!!
  27. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread Building An Ultimate Family/Trail Buggy

    What? Woody's shop does not have a complete line of every fastener made? Build looks great -- should be a fun and very capable rig.
  28. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread Building An Ultimate Family/Trail Buggy

    Great to see that wonderful shop full of creative projects
  29. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread Formula Toy build

    During our recent visit to your wonderful backyard, we discovered that many of the obstacles on the 9- and 10-rated trails are much easier, or in some cases only doable, with rear-steer or skid-steer. I would encourage you to consider adding a rear disconnect. There is a lot of...
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