sand hollow

  1. woody

    Trail Hero 2018 - Front Range

    A few from my Wednesday run up Front Range, sponsored by Front Range Offroad and Diamond Axle
  2. woody

    Joint Effort

    These first 5 are an optional entrance between Ironman and the Joint Effort entrance.
  3. woody

    Winter 4x4 Jamboree 2018 this weekend! Sounds like they've got another record for attendees to wheel on the Sand Hollow trail system. I'm guiding Nasty Half Thursday (9), Triple 7's on Friday (7) and TNT on Saturday (9) - weather is supposed to be good for Thurs and Sat (buggy days for me) and Friday has a...
  4. JoeyATM

    West Rim Trail (Sand Hollow, Utah)

    One of my first adventures to Sandhollow was to West Rim, I had only heard about it and was told it was an easier more scenic trail and thats what I was looking for since I was going at it alone. This was before I had started South West Adventure Group and a little after I moved to Hurricane, Ut.
  5. Lil Rich

    Trail Hero 2017 Schedule of Events

    Here is our 2017 schedule of events. If you would like to be involved, post up here or email us at