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  1. woody

    Trail Hero 2018 - Front Range

    A few from my Wednesday run up Front Range, sponsored by Front Range Offroad and Diamond Axle
  2. Alan Woodson

    Alan Woodson

    Alan Woodson from Virgina owns Axis Fabrication and will come all the way out to AreaBFE to battle the impossible trail during the All-Pro Trail Breaker on April 11th at Noon
  3. Steve Nantz

    Steve Nantz

    Steven Nantz is a Moab Local that will attempt this newest and most difficult trail at Area BFE on April 11th at noon.
  4. Jesse Haines

    Jesse Haines

    Jesse Haines has won more events and competitions than most can dream of. He'll try his hand at the All-Pro Trail Breaker at AreaBFE on April 11th at noon.
  5. Lil Rich

    All Pro Off Road Trail Breaker, April 11th @ AREA BFE

    We are proud to announce the addition of a stand alone Trail Breaker's event in Moab, Utah on April 11th at Area BFE. This will be open to spectators, although there is a donation can at the front gate, the event can be spectated for free. We will take 10 drivers and place them into some of the...
  6. Lil Rich

    Build Building An Ultimate Family/Trail Buggy

    So a prelude or sorts: I have always been a big fan of Twisted Customs' vehicles. Having bee in the sport of Rock Crawling since it's inception (Competition Wise), I have seen build trends/builders come and go. The simplicity of rigs like what Twisted Customs, Jesse Haines, and Jimmy's 4x4...
  7. Lil Rich

    Trail Hero 2017 Schedule of Events

    Here is our 2017 schedule of events. If you would like to be involved, post up here or email us at
  8. woody

    Trail Hero 2016

    Not sure who all made it down to Sand Mountain this weekend, but those who didn't missed some killer wheeling! I was busy and didn't get many pics, but here are a few... Trail Breaker, Stage 1
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