2nd annual Rockaholics Anonymous

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Nov 15, 2022

This event was created to pass the time in between two other offroad events that occur on consecutive weekends at Katemcy Rocks (K2) in Mason, Texas ("The Moab of TX").
The annual Lone Star Land Cruiser Round Up occurs at K2 March 16-19 2023 and the WERock Eastern Series Round 1 occurs at K2 the following weekend, March 25-26.
Rockaholics Anonymous covers the days in between at Wolf Caves offroad park, which is just a few miles away.

Attendees of the Round Up show up Thursday through Saturday to K2 and depart Sunday morning. They then have the option to move over to Wolf Caves Sunday if they want to get some more wheeling in. They can stay at Wolf Caves as long as they want.
WERock attendees, both competitors and spectators, show up to K2 Wednesday through Saturday and depart Sunday afternoon. Since the trails at K2 aren't open for wheeling until Friday, they also have the option of showing up to Wolf Caves initially if they'd like to get some wheeling in or even a shake-down run.
My event, Rockaholics Anonymous, is just me saying that I'll be at Wolf Caves Sunday through Thursday, and giving others the option to join me there, with a way to easily save it. Another option for WERock attendees to keep in mind is that they can still wheel at Wolf Caves after K2 closes if they'd like to (must set it up in advance though). I used to do this before creating Rockaholics Anonymous.

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